So this is what the UK's ideal home looks like...

Come in and take a tour!

We all have our own vision of the 'ideal home'. Perhaps you're even lucky enough to be already living in it. Maybe it's a chocolate box cottage, or a cool loft apartment. Or maybe it's the house next door to Poldark's Aiden Turner, whatever it looks like... it could be a shed for all we care!

Anyway, getting back on track, what would happen if we took all our individual visions and amalgamated them into the ultimate dream house? Well that's exactly what price comparison website, Go Compare, has done – with a little help from architect Marc Sawan from Eye-Kon.

And here it is. Fancy, eh?

Working on your dream home? Creating the perfect home costs £18,000 and takes 4 years. So, what's on your to-do list?

house with parking space

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Go Compare surveyed more than 2,000 people, asking them that if they could build their own home from scratch, what features would it have. The findings were then used to create this CGI version of property perfection.

As the leafy exterior suggests, the largest proportion (33 per cent) said they'd like their ideal home to be situated in village. However, 70 per cent wanted to be within committing distance of a big city.

living room with white walls sofa set and wooden flooring

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In terms of architecture and amenities, the most popular aesthetic was for a simple, modern and sustainable build. Yet inside, the preference was for a more homely look, with more than half those asked picking traditional (26 per cent) or country (also 26 per cent) decor.

living room with sofa white walls and wooden flooring

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There was a clear north/south divide when it came to layout. In England and Wales, those asked wanted their living room, dining room and kitchen downstairs, and bedrooms upstairs. But the majority of Scots were up for having a mix of rooms over both floors.

In terms of 'bonus' spaces, the most sought after is a garage (46 per cent). This is followed by a conservatory (40 per cent) and a utility room (36 per cent).

bedroom with white walls and red armchair

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Sadly this perfect house doesn't yet exist in the flesh, but you can 'visit' it by watching this short video.

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So what's your verdict? Does this look anything like the house of your dreams?

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