This new wallpaper has been designed to boost WFH productivity

It's printed on a pearlescent base to help bounce the light around

You can now buy wallpaper specifically designed to boost productivity while working from home. VELUX teamed up with Poodle & Blonde to launch a luxury wallpaper for the home office named ‘Magic Hours’.

The range is the first of its kind, complementing the varying daylight in our home offices - whether this means an entire room or the corner of the living room. As home office ideas go, we have to say this is one of the chicest we have stumbled upon.

Productivity-boosting wallpaper for the home office

home office with wooden vanity and blue wallpaper

(Image credit: VELUX x Poodle & Blonde)

VELUX worked with Whinnie Williams and Kierra Campbell from luxury, retro-inspired homeware brand Poodle & Blonde to create this limited-edition collection. The range has three colourways, each drawing inspiration from how the light changes over the course of the day.

The Magic Hours colourways

  1. The Golden Hour
    The orange and caramel tones of this paper take inspiration from the golden hour, AKA mother nature's filter.
  2. The Twilight Hour
    Purples and deep pinks evoke the moment when the last of the daylight turns to moonlight.
  3. The Blue Hour
    When the sun's last rays create subtle hues of blue.

room with golden wood grain print wallpaper

(Image credit: VELUX x Poodle & Blonde)

Each wallpaper for the home office has a texture that reflects light, and gorgeous wood-grain print. The gentle contours add interest and a sense of depth, great if you're looking for small home office ideas to spruce up your space.

Plus, studies show looking at wood can lower our blood pressure. So this natural pattern is bound to make us feel a little calmer when logging onto important calls. Because whether we like it or not, almost half (46%) of us are still working from home 5 days a week.

'At VELUX , we’re committed to helping homeowners transform the spaces they spend the most time in. This collaboration with Poodle & Blonde allows us to do just that,' says Lisbeth Collignon from VELUX . Whinnie and Kierra say that they jumped at the opportunity to work with this well-known brand.

home office room with golden wallpaper and study table

(Image credit: Velux x Poodle & Blonde)

Their favourite colourway is Golden Hour, 'simply because it conjures a real sense of warmth and light, which we’re always drawn to, especially when designing a space that is used for both living and working.

'We love it when something as simple as introducing a pattern into your home, can make such a big difference to the way you use and feel about the space,' they add. Check out the wallpaper trends for 2022 for more inspo.

The VELUX x Poodle & Blonde ‘Magic Hours’ wallpaper collection is available now: buy it here for £115 per roll.

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