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If you’re looking for living room inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We have 100s of pictures for all styles of living rooms, so you’ll be sure to find your perfect look. If you’re a traditionalist, you’ll find everything you need from our traditional living room pictures. If you fancy something a little bit different, we also have ideas for modern living rooms and country living rooms. Happy browsing!

  • Woodland-inspired living room with lilac sofa, floral feature wall and cosy textures

    A combination of luxurious textures come together to create a cosy living room. Start with a slouchy lilac sofa and add woollen blankets and cute woodland animal cushions. Introduce a woven rug and a cream trunk coffee table, and complete the look with fresh flowers to bring the floral wallpaper to life.

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  • Traditional living room with decorative mahogany furniture

    The pale grey of the side table and soft blue-grey the sofa echo the colour of the print on the wall above brings a sense of harmony and interest to this traditional sitting room. The eclectic mix of antique pieces and decorative shapes creates a relaxed yet refined style.

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    Similar Antique Georgian style wall mirror, £465, Selling Antiques
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  • Traditional living room with mid century furniture

    A new Victorian-style marble fireplace makes a focal point for the more formal part of the double sitting room. With walls painted in Dulux Jasmine White, the tone provides a cohesive and versatile backdrop for the room decorations. Antique accessories displayed with symmetrical style continue the rooms refined quality.

  • Modern living room with owl photo canvas

    This strikingly modern living room has been zoned into two areas using colour. A seating area is made cosy with dramatic inky blue walls and modern modular seating. The opposite white walls and lime flooring makes the room wonderfully open and spacious. Lots of texture and pops of pattern creates Scandi comfort and a graphic owl portrait adds a touch of endearing humour.

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  • White living room with large palm plant

    The corner of this fresh, white living room connects with the garden using natural textures and rich green foliage. The large architectural plant creates a beautiful focal point and adds natural colour to the all-white back-drop. Stacked sea grass  footstalls and a jute rug continues the natural theme while an inviting white, modular armchair and footstall is positioned perfectly to enjoy both inside and out.

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  • White living room with charcoal sofa and foot stall

    A white backdrop has been made homely with the use of natural textures and comfortable furniture. A dark coloured sofa and footstall anchors the room and adds depth. Choose low back seating so not to block sight-lines in open-plan spaces. The over-all look is pared-back and feels fresh and calm.

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  • Eclectic living room with scrapbook-style wallpaper and leather sofa

    The wall in this retro-style living room has been decorated with magazine cuttings for a unique and personality-packed scheme. A tan leather sofa adds a distinctive 1960s feel, while vintage accessories complete the highly idiosyncratic look.

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  • Blue living room with vintage furnishings and shaggy cushions

    A few elements of vintage, retro and country have all been mixed and matched together to create an eclectic scheme. The walls have been painted in a rich blue which matches the sofa beautiful to give the space a modern edge. A selection of plump cushions add texture and pattern.

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  • White living room with large floor-mounted artwork

    Yellow is great as an accent colour in a neutral space – all you need is a throw or a cushion to add a little brightness. A floor-propped picture looks really stunning, yet it is far easier than hanging a really big print on the walls – finding the perfect position and ensuring it’s straight can be really rather tricky, after all.

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  • Earthy coral living room with neutral sofa

    This earthy, orange-tinted pink is only a shade away from being a neutral, making it really easy to use. Try it in a room that needs a little warmth and softness. This look lends itself well to natural textures, so accessorise with linens, weaves, velvets and rough artisan ceramics.

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  • Elegant reading corner with floral armchair and artwork

    An abstract floral on a beautifully soft velvet brings a contemporary mood to this smart, elegant interior. The superb cabinet is an ideal colour complement to the armchair fabric, while its geometric pattern shows that opposites attract.

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    Buy now: chair upholstered in Mrs Robinson cotton velvet, £162 per m, Rubelli
    Buy now: Nizwa cabinet, £7,000, Bethan Gray

  • Neutral snug with fireplace and bohemian floor cushion

    Reindeer and sheepskin rugs, plus a bohemian floor cushion, create an eclectic scheme in this cosy snug. Perfectly designed for relaxed country living, this is the kind of room you could spend many an evening reading and chilling.

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  • Neutral country living room with antique clock

    Traditional spaces don’t have to conform to lots of styling rules – just check out this eclectic room, which combines sofas in different materials, antiques, quirky objects and cushions in a vast array of patterns. There may be a lot of variety, but the neutral base means it all works beautifully together.
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  • Neutral living room with blue sofa and palm print cushion

    If you want a bit of colour in your living room, why not try a blue sofa? The colour of denim, blue can be very versatile and almost act as a neutral. Whether you like botanical palm prints or monochrome zigzags, a sofa in this colour will work well with either print or both combined. Plus the dog seems to like it, too.

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  • Country living room with exposed brick fireplace

    An exposed brick fireplace, log store and wooden beams lend this space a truly country feel. But it’s not all quite as rustic as you might expect. The upholstery and sofas have a very luxurious feel about them, and it’s definitely not the kind of country living room you would want dirty wellies tramping into.

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    Buy now: footstool and off-white sofa, Ashley Manor

  • Traditional seating area with wooden beams

    In a property with wooden beams like this, you might say that you don’t need very much else to make it special. That could well be true, but there’s no reason to let a striking focal point put you off using colour. The bright chair and rug here, plus all the artworks, work a treat.

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  • Neutral living room with coral rug and sunburst mirror

    Your floor can make a big impact. Just because it’s low down in a room doesn’t mean it isn’t noticeable. A large-scale pattern like the one on this coral rug creates a striking look without being over the top.

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  • Sophisticated living room full of rich textures

    Create the perfect mix of traditional and modern in your living room. Despite the period features and classic room layout, this space is full of contemporary touches, from the white walls to the swing-arm floor lamp and triangle rug. Luxurious textured fabrics add a high level of comfort and sophistication, too.

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  • Tent-like attic living room with sloped ceilings on both sides

    Thinking of converting your loft to get an extra bedroom? If you have the space, consider creating a suite of rooms including a bedroom, en suite and living room. Alternatively, if you have a landing or hall at the top of a staircase, why not turn that into a comfy seating area, rather than using it as a thoroughfare?

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  • Eclectic modern living room with grey walls and pink doors

    Grey walls and white woodwork are hugely popular in living rooms just now. The colours are so versatile and make a great backdrop to almost any scheme and style of furniture. Here, the room is filled with eclectic pieces, from the standout chandelier to the fun ampersand decorations and driftwood coffee table. Pink doors add a quirky touch.

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