Fred Sirieix is nailing the mid-century modern look, championing this sofa colour that is set to be big news in 2024

Interior stylists love its versatility

Fred Sirieix
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Fred Sirieix, famed for being our favourite maître d'hotel has slowly but surely entered our list of celebs to keep a watchful eye on for all things interiors. The First Dates star took to Instagram, sharing a video of himself dancing in front of a gorgeous mustard sofa – a sofa colour set to be big in 2024.

While there are many variables to consider before buying the best sofa, we'd be lying if we said colour wasn't a top factor to keep in mind. Considering a sofa takes up a hefty amount of space in a living room, we don't blame ourselves for wanting to take the biggest sofa colour trends into account in the search.

Well, Fred Sirieix has already made a strong case for a mustard sofa right this early on into the year, bringing the bold, retro-inspired hue right front and centre – and we must say, looks great while doing it! The power of a mustard sofa, everyone.

'As we approach spring, now is the perfect time to refresh your living room with an on-trend mustard sofa,' begins Kellie Wyles, head of upholstery at DFS. Although mustard interiors may often give us major 70s vibes, it's undeniable that it is having quite the renaissance within living room colour schemes and kitchen colour trends alike.

Kellie remarks that we have the 'interest in mid-century modern style' to thank for its recent revival. 'Retro yet versatile, bold yet warm, luxurious yet inviting – the beauty of a mustard sofa is in its versatility.'

Living room with white walls, modern art painting hung above a yellow sofa with cushions

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In Fred's video, it's clear that the mustard sofa is the focal point of the living room. Paired with navy blue and white accent cushions, situated next to an equally vintage-inspired side table, Fred is nailing that well-sought-after mid-century look to a tee.

Not only that, but Kellie further explains that going for a 'slightly more muted tone of a mustard sofa, compared to a sunny bright yellow colour, gives it a more sophisticated look which is perfect if you're aiming to create a 'quiet luxury' home'.

Velvet mustard sofa with accent cushions in living room, coffee table, and hanging artwork

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How to style a mustard sofa

'Being brave with your interior choices and opting for a sofa in a bold statement colour like mustard can definitely pay off if styled correctly, creating a stylish but 'homey' space to relax in,' assures Victoria Foster, an interior stylist at ScS.

So, to make the leap of going for a bolder living room sofa idea less intimidating, consider these simple tips for styling a mustard sofa like Fred Sirieix.

1. Pair with complementary yet contrasting colours

Despite being a bolder shade on the colour wheel, there are actually a lot of colours that go with yellow which makes the idea of decorating with yellow not all that bad.

'Pair mustard with complementary colours, such as navy blue, forest green, or bluish pink, which can be incorporated through accents including scatter cushions, rugs, and artwork,' advises Gisela Lancaster, head of buying at Sofology. Just as Fred has done with his decorative cushions.

Victoria assures that 'the deep tones of navy blue or teal work effortlessly when offset with the warmth and vibrancy of mustard'. In the video, we even see that Fred has a living room feature wall sporting that expert-approved complementary green hue.

Velvet mustard sofa with accent cushions in living room

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2. Add different accent textures to your space

We'll gladly take any opportunity to decorate with soft furnishings, and luckily styling a mustard sofa calls for just that. Victoria warns that 'an undressed sofa runs the risk of looking isolated and too obvious in the space, whereas adding those extra touches helps integrate it with other elements of the room'.

Fred embraces these textures with the use of faux fur and tassel-cornered cushions.

Velvet mustard sofa with accent cushions and feature wallpaper in living room

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3. Carefully position warm lighting

Finally, it comes as no surprise that in this instance especially, living room lighting ideas are key for making a mustard sofa look cosy and cohesive in your sitting area. Victoria explains that opting for warm, yellow-toned lighting will bring out the depth of the mustard shade, helping to make the space feel extra inviting.

Of course, Fred has also got the hint with this styling tip with a glass base table lamp to hone into that cosy factor.

Velvet mustard sofa with accent cushions in living room, coffee table, and floor to ceiling windows

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Shop mustard sofas

Careful consideration of these tips and you're well on your way to a stylish and characterful living space that's bang up to date with 2024's biggest trend forecasts. Better yet, you'll be earning a thumbs-up from the First Dates' Fred Sirieix, which seals the deal for us.

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