How much does it cost to install a wood burning stove? Experts reveal all

Read up on the cost to install a wood burning stove with this easy-to-understand guide

Before investing in a new heating option for your home, it is important to factor in how much the installation will actually set you back. It can be a little tricky to work out how much does it cost to install a wood burning stove.

A wood burning stove might be a great money-saving alternative to a typical heater, but there are a range of things that can greatly impact how much it costs to install a wood-burning stove. There are a number of factors to consider, including the type of chimney you have, the style of stove or log burner you plan to buy, and who you get to install it.

‘Installation is a complicated process and can vary greatly from property to property, which means costs can differ considerably,’ says Vicky Naylor, general manager at ACR Stoves.

The cost to install a wood burning stove

This budgeting guide aims to reveal the different kinds of outlays you could face when considering the cost to install a wood burning stove.

The flue

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A flue liner is a flexible tube that is connected to your stove. It runs the entire length of the chimney, carrying the fumes up your flue liner instead of releasing them into your chimney cavity. ‘The long tube creates a natural draw which pulls the smoke from the combustion chamber of the stove to the outside atmosphere. If you don’t have a flue, the stove would not operate efficiently. The smoke could leak out through the stove and into the room it is installed in, filling it with smoke,’ says Vicky Naylor.

If you already have a chimney, get it inspected and tested by a competent and qualified engineer, such as a HETAS engineer, prior to a new stove being installed. They will be able to check for leaks or blockages. Also they will be able to advise if the chimney is already lined or not and, if it is, whether the liner is in good enough condition to use.

‘Sometimes it works out cheaper to put a new liner into the chimney, rather than testing an existing one. You will have the added benefit of a new warranty on the flue liner, too,’ adds Vicky Naylor.

Approximate cost ‘The cost will vary depending on what type of liner is chosen and if there are lots of bends in the chimney,’ says Vicky Naylor. ‘As a guide, expect to pay at least £600 for a class 1 liner.’

The wood burner

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There are various types...

Freestanding log burner

If you have a large living space, or a generously sized existing fireplace, then a free-standing wood burning stove would be ideal for your home. Bear in mind that they do require more space to work efficiently than an insert log burner. Costs will vary depending on the heat output, material it’s made from, style, and also what fuel it burns – multi-fuel stoves do tend to cost slightly more than a wood burning stove as they come with extras, such as a grate.

Freestanding wood burner cost Between £500 and £5,000.

Installation cost ‘The cost of your flue connection, a new liner and labour from a HETAS registered engineer will cost around £2,200,’ says Matthew Jenkins at MyJobQuote.

Insert log burner

Often called an inset stove, this type is designed to slide into an existing open fireplace or to be installed into a chimney breast or wall, leaving only the front visible. These look great in modern kitchens. Prior to fitting the stove, you will need to make sure the masonry on your chimney breast is sound. If you’re aiming for a good finish, you may need to tidy up the surround or wall after installation. Materials surrounding the insert also need to be non-flammable and, as with a freestanding stove, you’ll need to use a skilled HETAS engineer to install it.

Insert wood burner stove cost £700-£5,000

Installation cost ‘Installation costs are usually similar, if not higher, than those of a freestanding wood burner – budget around £2,200,’ suggests Matthew Jenkins.

Ceiling hung/360-degree

Suspended from the ceiling, this type of wood burner creates an eye-catching focal point, whether it's placed snuggly in a corner or directly in the centre of a room. It can also emit heat in every direction, making it an extremely efficient heat source. ‘Extra work and expertise are needed for safely installing ceiling-hung stoves on a secure fixing bracket and routing an internal, insulated flue through walls and ceilings,’ says Matthew Jenkins.

Ceiling hung wood burner cost £1,500-£6,000

Installation cost ‘You’re likely to pay £4,000 upwards for qualified trades and the extra materials, making it the most expensive type of wood burner to install,’ says Matthew Jenkins.

Other factors that may affect the cost to install wood burning stove

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The hearth & surround

The concept of a hearth is to provide a safe material for your wood burning stove to sit on in your fireplace. Something which is non-combustible, protects the floor underneath from the heat from your stove, and also protects the surrounding area of your stove from embers that may fall when you open the stove door. Part J of Building Regulations which state the rules surrounding the hearth and its size, can be found at planningportal.

Approximate cost Vicky Naylor Naylor recommends factoring in approximately £500 upwards, including installation.

Maintenance costs

Your chimney needs to be swept at least once a year. It’s advisable for a competent and qualified HETAS engineer to service your stove annually, too.
Approximate cost ‘Qualified chimney sweeps will usually charge between £65 and £85 for this service,’ says Mike Coke at Stovax. Vicky Naylor Naylor advises budgeting £90 for a HETAS engineer to service a wood burning stove (excluding parts).

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