Sophie Coran’s Christmas: A stylish red tree

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  • Hello, my name’s Sophie Conran and I’m a designer. Welcome to my London flat. Today I’m decorating a tree.

    We’ve used a handmade basket in lovely Christmassy colours. Inside it is a bucket with water in it because the tree is fresh and we want to keep it watered.

    I’ve used all red decorations, from these little felt robins to baubles in two different colours of red, so this lovely deep red and this lovely juicy, lighter red. Then there’s one with spots for a bit of fun.

    They’ve all been tied on with ribbon, so I’ve taken off the little attachments that you normally get and used ribbon instead. It replaces the tinsel and I think it looks lovely. To finish it off I’ve got this fantastic minaret tree topper, which looks magnificent.

    I hope you like it. Happy Christmas!

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