Aldi's latest Specialbuy nails this year's hottest houseplant trend – and they're a steal at £12

They're the key to instantly refreshing your living space

Houseplants on pink background
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Aldi is selling a selection of big houseplants for just £12.99 each – including a personal favourite of ours: Monstera. Landing in stores tomorrow, the 28th of January, they're the perfect way to instantly uplift your home and inject some much-needed greenery into your living space.

If 2024 is officially the year you're declaring (or rather reinstating) your 'Plant Mum' status and are looking to get a headstart on getting your living room houseplant ideas to bloom, Aldi is making it easier to achieve than ever. Not to mention, they're nailing the hottest houseplant trend of the year: big is beautiful.

While you can snap up a fair selection of some of the best indoor plants online, there's nothing like going to a garden centre – or in this case, a supermarket – and browsing the many options for yourself.

Aldi Roots & Blooms Foliage Basket

Aldi's new Roots & Blooms Foliage Basket allows you to choose from Monstera (a personal Ideal Home favourite for being a fast-growing houseplant and easy to care for), Polyscias, or Dieffenbachia (also known as Dumb Cane).

Each of the houseplants is available in three different basket choices: dark green, cream, or plain seagrass. Standing at approximately 17cm tall, whichever houseplant you choose is an easy way to boost your mood at home without much fuss – something we could all do with a little more of this winter season.

Houseplants on pink background

(Image credit: Aldi)

What to look for when buying supermarket houseplants

While shopping for houseplants at supermarkets is a budget-friendly way to incorporate more greenery into your living space, we understand that you may have some doubts. However, rest assured that opting for supermarket houseplants is completely safe.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind before picking up any old plant from the shelf, as advised by Will Oliver, resident houseplant expert at online plant retailer, J.Parker's.

  • Check for signs of root rot – Different varieties of houseplant require different levels of water. However, this attention to detail is sometimes overlooked when it comes to busy supermarkets. Always lift the bottom of the plant pot to your eye line to check for signs of root rot, caused by consistent overwatering.
  • Check for pests – Supermarket plants may be more susceptible to pests because they're kept in such close proximity to one another. Take a close look at the soil and see if there are any visible flies, insects, or larvae. Also, check for fungus gnats and spider mites.
  • Isolate your new plant – Once you've bought your new plant, it's always best to isolate it from your other indoor plants for approximately two weeks. This will give the plant enough time to acclimate and stop the spread of any pests that might have been missed on the first inspection.

Houseplants on pink background

(Image credit: Aldi)

Shop the big houseplant trend

If you can't make it to your local Aldi, here are a couple of some of our other favourite selections as far as big houseplants go.

We love a good houseplant as much as the next person, and for just £12.99, best believe we're about to get real comfy at our local Aldi this weekend.

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