This year's hottest houseplant trend is proof that size *does* matter

Experts declare 2024 to be the year that statement plants dominate our living spaces

Various selection of potted houseplants displayed in living room
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Whether you're an avid plant mum or a home decor junkie, we've got the scoop on the houseplant trend set to be big news for 2024.

Considering we're in the run-up to Houseplant Week (celebrated from the 8th–14th of January this year), we couldn't imagine a better time to discuss the latest in houseplant ideas than now.

The start of the new year welcomes the onset of fresh beginnings in the home, and opting for the best indoor plants is sure to give your home an easy and natural refresh – and this year's trend is big, beautiful, and oh-so-striking.

Various selection of potted houseplants displayed in living room

(Image credit: elho)

Big houseplant trend for 2024

Much like anything else, houseplants and flowers also have their trends for 2024. Without being too punny, big houseplants are set to be this year's biggest trend in the realm of indoor plants – and it's a much better trend then something like the viral plant beading

Therefore, if you've been looking to spruce up your current living room houseplant setup, be aware that for 2024, bigger is better.

'We're predicting that 'big is beautiful' will be a real trend to look out for this year,' begins Patty Willems, PR manager at sustainable plant pot manufacturer, elho. Echoing the same notion, Claire Hooper, Hillier Garden Centre Winchester's plant area manager says, 'Bold and striking houseplants are expected to be highly popular in 2024.'

Potted houseplants display on windowsill

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Patty further predicts that biophilic design (aka, designing to connect humans with nature) is coming to the forefront of living room trends, and opting for these big, statement plants is the perfect way to give the home a boost of nature. Not to mention, helps to boost mood at home.

Better yet, Claire assures us that 'living rooms are the perfect setting for displaying larger foliage, which can elegantly frame key pieces of furniture and transform concerns of a room, resulting in a more stylish space'.

More and more, we're seeing people opt for that 'urban jungle room' vibe, yet another home decor trend that these striking houseplants will sing in. But if your large houseplants start to get out of hand, remember that houseplant root pruning is an excellent way of keeping your plant's desired size, among other benefits. 

So, if you want to partake in this year's hottest houseplant trend, where should you start? Here are our (and the experts') top picks for extra-large houseplants to start your super-sized houseplant collection with.

Various selection of potted houseplants displayed in living room

(Image credit: elho)

Monstera Deliciosa

Of course, who would we be if we didn't begin this mini-round-up without first mentioning the infamous Monstera deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese plant? Considering this houseplant's popularity, there's a chance you may already own one of these babies and may have had a go at propagating your Monstera, too.

'The Monstera deliciosa is known for its unique leaf pattern with large holes,' begins Claire, 'making it an eye-catching addition to any interior.'

Potted Monstera deliciosa against painted living room wall

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To maintain and properly care for and maintain the health of a Monstera's foliage, Claire advises you place it in a moderately bright spot away from direct sunlight. 

'Water it regularly to keep the soil moist and feed it every fourth watering session. However, be cautious of overwatering, and maintain a moderately warm environment of around 20°C to 30°C.'

Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is yet another big houseplant perfect for this year's hottest plant trend and is often mentioned when considering bathroom plant ideas.

The Joy of Plants, the experts behind The Flower Council of Holland assure that this houseplant adds a playful touch to a home, with its large, banana-like leaves and distinct shape.

Potted Bird of Paradise plant in living room next to chair

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Its vibrant green foliage is sure to complement any room's colour palette and its upright growth allows for creative design solutions, such as being used as hanging plants to add visual interest to any room.

As for caring for these beauties, keep your Bird of Paradise near a bright, indirect source of light. It can tolerate some direct sunlight but too much may scorch its leaves. Be sure to keep it away from drafts, too, as it prefers a warm environment.

Kentia Palm

For the last of the experts' picks, the Kentia Palm is nothing less than a beautiful addition to the bold statement plant trend if you're keen on the look of an indoor tree.

'Its elegant fronds have a feather-like appearance, which adds a touch of sophistication to any living room,' assures Claire. Palms are also known for their ability to filter toxins in the air, not making it just a visual aid but one for wellbeing, too.

Potted Kentia Palm in living room next to grey sofa

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To keep your Kentia Palm healthy, keep it in a bright spot away from direct sunlight. Claire explains that it can adapt to low light levels and thrives in temperatures ranging from 16°C to 24°C. 'Be sure to allow the top layer of soil to dry out before each watering session to maintain its vitality,' she advises.

If you're one of the lucky ones and already have these houseplants in your existing arsenal, consider yourself ahead of the curve. And, if you're on the fence about whether now is the best time to buy houseplants, rest assured that there are plenty of ways to care for houseplants over winter.

So, go big or go home, no?

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