The wireless Amazon lamp that is all over our Instagram feeds at the moment - and it's only £18

This tiny table lamp from Amazon is both cute and practical thanks to its cordless design

Kitchen counter with a wireless lamp, books and kitchen utensils
(Image credit: Hanna Bertram @ourhebehome)

Amazon did it again. Delivering exactly what we’ve been needing (sometimes without even knowing it) and searching for at bargain prices. This time, it’s the perfect kitchen lighting idea in the form of the Amazon BomKra Crystal Table Lamp, currently available on offer for £17.99. 

The lamp’s petite size means that it doesn’t take up much space on your kitchen worktop. And the best part is that it is completely cordless, following this year’s wireless lighting trend, so no plugs are needed. The portable design is battery-powered instead. And did we mention how cute it is? Not just because of its size, but for its Parisian cafe look too with gold-tone metal base and scalloped clear glass lampshade, also available in an alternative art deco-style patterned variation

We can’t take credit for discovering this gem though. Our feeds have been populated with shots of this little beauty as several Instagram influencers have beat us to it and have been flaunting this desirable find on their accounts. This led to its selling out. But don’t worry as it is back in stock. We first spotted it in Arthty Ragupathy’s kitchen, also known as @av.home, who’s home we’ve been admiring for a while.

In a post discussing the often-enquired-about lamp, Arthty wrote, ‘This little lamp most definitely induces dopamine. No plug? No problem. It’s portable, has cool & warm settings & is just so damn cute. Don’t even get me started on the scallops! It’s been very popular, understandably so, & I’m happy to report that not only is it back in stock, but it’s also at the lowest price that I’ve seen.’

As Arthty says, the light comes with an extra dimmable feature with three various settings - white, warm and natural light - creating more atmospheric lighting. This feature, along with the design itself, has caught the eye of Ideal Home’s Assistant Editor, Thea Babington-Stitt.

‘I've been wanting a new light for my kitchen for a while, to add some style to the space and some more atmospheric lighting as opposed to the built in task lights. Since I live in a flat, I definitely don't have the biggest kitchen and therefore countertop space and plugs are prime real estate, so I've been looking for a rechargeable wireless option. This scalloped glass version is so pretty and a strong contender to be the one,’ she says.

And while we love the idea of using this little beauty in the kitchen, that is by no means mandatory. It will look just as lovely on a side table in your living room or bedside table by your bed. That's why Hanna Bertram of @ourhebehome on Instagram regularly relocates her lamp, opting for the art deco style.

'This little lamp has happily travelled from room to room in my house since it arrived,' Hanna says. 'Its simple design and crystal shade makes it the perfect addition to any space, whether it’s my kitchen, living room or home office and adds that elevated, vintage touch. The price point is extremely good too for the quality (it doesn't break the bank like many other similar ones do) and is portable, rechargeable and dimmable, what else could you ask for?'

We second that sentiment.

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