Our favourite Christmas wreath trends adorning front doors, ceilings and walls this festive season

Wreaths have had a serious glow-up this year and they're no longer just for front doors

Large green wreath with lights woven around
(Image credit: Future PLC)

The Christmas wreath has had a glow-up this year. From super-sized to foraged finds, here’s our pick of the latest Christmas wreath trends

Christmas wreath ideas of Christmases past beware! The style pressure is on this year to create something much more statement, much more ‘you’ than just a humble holly number. But what’s trending when it comes to Christmas wreaths?  ‘First impressions really do count,’ says Jo Reason, Brand and Range Director at Bloom & Wild, ‘with ways to personalise the wreath that will be there to greet your guests, big this Christmas?’

‘Wreaths that create wow are trending,’ agrees Charlie Murray, Partner & Seasonal Buyer at John Lewis. But wreaths aren’t being limited to front doors: ‘Wreaths are also being hung on walls or windows, or used as centrepieces for your table, mantel, or shelf.’

Scale is also huge news, with oversized wreaths, either left natural or pimped with lights and baubles, creating show-stopping, ‘I wish I’d thought of that’ moments.

And it’s not all about the fresh – or even the artificial – wreath. ‘We’ve introduced dried wreaths, which are perfect for adding festive touches to your internal doors and walls. And, as a bonus, they can be kept for years to come,’ adds Jo.

Just like Christmas tree trends, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to picking a Christmas wreath.  And many can be adapted to suit a plain foliage wreath – whether real or faux. The beauty of a wreath is that it also gives you a styling moment away from the tree, in another room or gracing your front door, to try something new

1. Hang the colours of the rainbow

Rainbow wreath

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Bring festive cheer to your front door with a rainbow bauble wreath. Statement Christmas bauble ideas are not just a trend for Christmas trees. Bauble wreaths are flying out at John Lewis, as Charlie Murray, Partner & Seasonal Buyer, explains: ‘This year our customers are loving our bauble wreaths. Our rainbow bauble wreath is the ultimate statement piece that will wow your guest and is our best-seller this year.’

With such a colourful wreath, keep any ribbon simple, choosing the same colour to hang as its nearest baubles (or the colour you want at the top of your wreath).

2. Go asymmetrical

Rattan wreath with leaves

(Image credit: Ivyline)

If you’ve always wanted to make your own wreath but have been put off by the pressure of making it perfect, then this wreath trend’s for you! Not only can you cheat with a shop-bought rattan base (available on Amazon), but you also don’t need to make it symmetrical! Start by tucking in lengths of greenery (offcuts from your Christmas tree or pieces of eucalyptus are ideal), following the curve of the wreath base, then adding berries or flowers to add visual layers.

‘I really like the asymmetric look for wreaths, perfect for beginner makers,’ says stylist Ali Attenborough. ‘Just ensure it is purposefully and clearly not symmetrical.’ 

3. Flounce up a plain wreath with ribbon

Wreath on door

(Image credit: Atkin & Thyme)

We know Christmas tree ribbon ideas are big news for Christmas this year but a flouncy double ribbon bow can also make a plain wreath look more expensive, while hinting to the Christmas colour scheme that lies behind your front door.

When shopping for ribbon for a double bow, choose two contrasting colour ribbons the same width, then use together to tie the bow. Wired organza ribbon can be manipulated to hold a good bow shape, while unwired has a softer drape. Top stylist’s tip? ‘Cut the ends of your ribbon to a 45 degree point, as this stops any fraying,’ says Heather Young, Ideal Home’s Editor in Chief.

4. Supersize your wreath

Large green wreath with lights woven around

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Oversized wreaths have been coming through as a trend the past few years, but for 2023, we’re seeing even bigger – and with more ‘wow’. Use a large wreath as an alternative to a Christmas tree in a dining room, or second living area. 

‘Grandeur meets glamour in this giant wreath and lighting mash-up,’ says Ali Attenborough, the stylist behind the shot. ‘I’d continue the strip lighting around the room for a less traditional Christmas lighting look

5. Hang from the ceiling

Wreath hanging over table

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

With Christmas table space often at a premium, it’s easy to see why the trend for hanging your wreath above your Christmas table is showing no sign of slowing down. Tie three lengths of ribbon, equally spaced, to your wreath, bringing up to a central point and knot. You can then hang this from a strong sticky cup hook (just make sure it’s “stuck” before you dress your table with your finest tableware!). Battery-operated fairy lights and mini decorations tie an evergreen wreath to your table’s styling.  

Of course, should you not be able to hang your wreath, it can still make a beautiful centrepiece. ‘Style with a trio of ivory TruGlow® candles in the middle,’ suggests Creative and Photography Manager, at Lights4fun, Lucy Kirk.

6. Layer wreath on wreath

Green wreath with light up star

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Give last year’s wreath a new look, by hanging a smaller wreath, star or decoration over it. This makes it look extra-full and can be a great way of working lights into your wreath if you choose a pre-lit decoration.

You can also add more baubles to a foliage wreath, working in your Christmas colour scheme. Cluster baubles of different sizes together in twos or threes, securing with florist’s wire, which you can then attach to your existing wreath.

7. Fashion a chandelier wreath

Wreath hunt from ceiling in purple room

(Image credit: Dobbies)

Making use of foliage you have in your garden (or a friendly neighbour’s) can result in a beautiful bespoke wreath to hang in a hallway. Start with a base – whether that’s a large wire ring, or a moss-covered wreath – and build up layers of colour and texture.

Abbie McCann, Dobbies’ Stylist, says, 'If you’re a fan of a wreath but want to be super on-trend with your decorations, an elegant chandelier wreath could be the perfect option. No matter the space you have, you can create one that will fit your home, and you can tailor the accessories to fit with your vibe. We opted for a sophisticated, jewel-toned approach, but you could create one that would pop with white and gold, or even a more rainbow-themed design.'

8. Weave in scented accents

Wreath on green door with red ribbon

(Image credit: Future PLC)

This year we've seen in an explosion in people not just wanting things to look good, but smell incredible too. For a wreath there is no better way to achieve this than going to a florist. For a real bespoke wreath, then get chatting to your local florist, who will be able to create something special using fresh or dried flowers and foliage. Go armed with a picture of your front door, as well as any ideas for your festive colour scheme, then collect and voila! 

‘I always think a floristry commissioned wreath with real scented foliage always looks and smells stunning,’ says Ali Attenborough, Stylist.

9. Swap pictures for wreaths

Green room with three wreaths on wall

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Like we said before wreaths aren't just for the front door, we've seen lots of creative way of them being used inside such as in a wreath gallery wall. It’s a great way to add seasonal style to a blank wall – or if you usually have family photos up, then just replace with wreaths for the Christmas period. A wreath wall can also make the perfect backdrop for any long-distance Zoom calls or if you want to take a few family festive portraits.

‘Choose wreaths with a loose theme,’ says Rebecca Knight, Deputy Digital Editor Ideal Home, ‘such a woodland or Scandi, as well as a mix of different materials, sizes and textures.’

10. Tell a story with upcycled finds

Wreath with pink ribbons on front door

(Image credit: Future PLC / Dan Duchars)

Raid your tree decorations and add a festive flourish that tells a tale or favourite Christmas song. We love this ‘Partridge in a Pear Tree’ inspired wreath. Decadent ribbons, gold star trim and a majestic crown complete the look. 

‘I think the top trend for wreaths is personality,’ says Heather Young. ‘Create something that reflects you and your Christmas style, and it will always be on trend.’


What are the Christmas colours for 2023?

When it comes to Christmas colours, there’s so much choice this year. Make a contemporary statement with bold rainbow colours, like blue, violet, green and red, or opt for softer shades of blush and ice blue, found teamed with metallics to give a more luxe look.

White (and white Christmas trees) are huge news, offering simple Scandi style through to more glittery, all-over white modern Christmas looks. 

What is trending for Christmas decor in 2023?

Natural elements, such as mushrooms and toadstools, are finding their way to trees and Christmas dining tables, while more jewelled accessories are perfect if you’re look is more glam (as is metallic tinsel – or foil lametta). After more Christmas kitsch? Then candy canes are huge.

Talking of size, supersized pieces are big news, with inflatable baubles nestling their way next to paper decorations in stylish clusters. 

And it seems we want more when it comes to Christmas trees too, with second trees – whether left naked or given a different look to your main tree – are finding their way into our homes.

Are you ready to welcome in the yuletide spirit with a fresh new look for your wreath?

Jennifer Morgan

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