8 colours that go with teal - the fool-proof colour pairings that will bring out the best in this vibrant shade

The fail-safe shade combinations to pair with this striking colour

Sage green and teal bedroom
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Teal is a beautiful blend of blue and green and has always been a popular colour choice in interior design. Your home may already embrace the lovely presence of teal, or you might have only just started thinking of incorporating the colour - either way, knowing the colours that go with teal is a game-changer for making this magical and bold shade work. 

Teal can be used in many colour combinations, but some will undoubtedly work better than others. The colours that go with teal work to bring out the very best of its deep, rich undertones, and can create a range of aesthetics from calming and soothing to bold and bright. 

'Teal is a captivating colour to bring into the home, infusing spaces with a sense of sophistication and drama,' says Anna Hill, Brand Director and Colour Consultant, Fenwick & Tilbrook. 'Its rich hue adds an air of elegance, making it the perfect choice whether you go for a statement wall, full-colour drench or introduce it on furniture pieces.'

Whether you're looking for an accent colour for teal bedroom ideas or you want to bring teal into a room to complement a staple base colour, you need to know about the colours that go with teal to make it work. 

8 colours that go with teal

Teal can sometimes feel like one of the more intimidating paint ideas to try. It's bold, bright and daring, but it can also be surprisingly soft, calm and soothing. Whatever your interior style, you can make teal work in your home, as long as you know which colours to pair it with.

Here's everything the experts had to say about the colours that go with teal.

1. Orange

living room in apartment with teal sofa and pouffe and orange cushions and table lamps

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You might be surprised to learn that orange is one of the best colours that goes with teal. This bright, bold pairing might feel a bit adventurous, but the two colours work particularly well together because they sit on opposite ends of the colour wheel, and therefore create a complementary colour scheme

'Teal and orange work really well together as, although they are complete opposites, they complement each other perfectly, adding that eye-catching contrast to the space,' says Emma Deterding, Founder and Creative Director, Kelling Designs. 'Keep the orange in the highlights and brighter parts of the space, and bring in teal hints into the shadows to help create that all important balance.'

Don't be put off using two bright colours such as orange and teal in your decor. This combination will uplift the energy in your home during the day, but also create a softer, more relaxed mood at night.

2. Navy blue

blue bedroom with navy bedding and teal carpet

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If you're looking for a more elegant aesthetic, navy blue is an ideal match for teal. The deep, understated tones of navy will be lightened and brough to life by teal's vibrant hues, creating a nicely contrasting colour scheme.

When looking for colours that go with navy kitchens, a bright colour such as teal will help breathe life into your culinary space. Try bringing in off-whites and creams through accessories to make the space feel lighter. Your kitchen will be seething will sophistication and depth.

3. Sage green

Sage green and teal bedroom

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Sage green is another of the best colours that go with teal, again due to its position on the colour wheel. With teal being a beautiful blend of blue and green, pairing it with a softer, sage green creates a look that flows together beautifully. Because the two colours sit next to each other on the colour, teal and sage green make an analogous colour scheme when paired together. 

'Because teal sits in the middle of the blue and green spectrum on a colour wheel, analogous colours like sage green will create a harmonious and calming feel,' says  Rachel Binks, Stylist, Hillarys.

For example, you could incorporate teal as an accent colour in sage green nursery ideas to create soothing tones. The two hues of blue and green will blend together perfectly. 

4. Pink

blush pink sofa in blue and teal living room

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'If you’re looking for the perfect accent colour for the dynamic hues of teal, try pairing it with a soft, blush pink,' suggests Jamie Watkins, Co-Founder, Divine Savages

The contrast between the warm pinky tones and the grounding hues of teal create an elegant, sophisticated look perfect for modern living room ideas

You aren't limited to a specific tone of pink either. A bubblegum pink paired with teal will create a tropical, Beverly Hills Hotel feel - work in deep, leafy greens as an accent colour to emphasise this further. Or, try coupling teal with a soft, muted mauve or a soft, pastel pink for a more pared-back, classy aesthetic. 

5. Yellow

Teal room with velvet curtains

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Yellow sits next to orange on the colour wheel, and is also used to complement teal. This striking colour combination is fun, to say the least, but don't be put off by such a bold pairing; teal and yellow can also be used in more muted tones for classy, elegant looks. 

The bright, sunny disposition of yellow goes nicely with the cooler, relaxed tone of teal. Try bringing teal into yellow bedroom room ideas as an accent colour, through cushions, throws, and lighting fixtures, or vice-versa. The contrast of teal will really elevate the yellow already in the room. 

6. Pale blue

Sage and teal living room with sofa

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Sticking within the same colour family is a great way to find out the best colours that go with teal. Sky blue complements the deeper hues of teal perfectly, and together they create a monochrome colour scheme, ideal for people who want to create flow and seamlessness in their interiors. 

'For those who love the cooler side of teal, sky blue adds a light and airy touch,' Rachel from Hillarys says. 

Try using teal and pale blue together in blue living room ideas. Play around with furnishings and accessories in the two colours and you'll be amazed at how well they work together. 

7. Peach

Peach wall with cushion and sofa

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Though teal works well with the bold hues of clementine orange, it also pairs wonderfully with orange's softer counterpart, peach. You can still get the contrasting effect of the two colours, but the peach will provide a softer, more calming edge. 

'Coral or peach elements not only provide a lively contrast to the teal but also infuse the room with warmth and energy, resulting in a balanced and inviting atmosphere,' says Founder of Show Business Interiors, the design company behind David Wilson Homes, Jackie Summerfield.

8. Off-white

bedroom with scalloped headboard, pink cushions and teal throw

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Creams and warm white tones are often paired with deeper, more vibrant colours as a mellowing counterpart. Teal pairs particularly well with off-white, as the warm neutral provides can help the blue-green feel more soothing. 

If you're thinking about teal in the bedroom, try bringing in some off-white and cream neutrals. Consider a teal bedspread paired with a creamy waffle-knit throw, and if you've gone for bold teal on the walls, pair them with off-white bedroom curtains


What colour complements teal?

Because orange sits opposite teal on the colour wheel, it's often frequently used to complement it. All shades of orange complement teal well, including peach, coral, and deeper orange tones. 

Colours that sit opposite each other on the wheel work together harmoniously, because of the way in which they contrast. This is especially true of orange and teal, because individually they are two striking colours. Together, they contrast and emphasise each other beautifully. 

Colours that sit next to teal on the colour wheel are also used as complementary tones. Shades of blue and green, from sage green to deep navy, all complement teal, which sits in the middle of the blue and green colour families. 

Is teal an outdated colour?

There's no reason that teal should be considered an outdated colour. It's still popular in interior design, thanks to its ability to inject personality and fun into a space - especially when paired with the right colour combinations. 

'Teal, a beautiful blend of blue and green, offers a range of possibilities for creating stunning colour combinations,' Rachel from Hillarys says. 

Colour consultant Anna Hill from Fenwick & Tilbrook adds: 'Pair teal with warm neutrals for a harmonious, balanced design scheme that envelopes you in comfort, or create a maximalist feel with pops of other jewel tones such as reds, greens, pinks and yellows. Whether in a modern or traditional setting, this colour is versatile and will make a dramatic statement.'

Now that you know all about the colours that go with teal, which colour pairing will you be trying in your own home?

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