This candle accessory trend will elevate your mantelpiece or coffee table – and it’s the perfect Christmas present

Fancy candle matches are the new must-have

A side table with lit candles, marshmallows and pine cones
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If you’re a fan of regularly lighting candles to create a cosy atmosphere - which is perfect for this time of the year - then you probably use matches to do so. But everyday matches are not the most aesthetically pleasing to look at. On the other hand, fancy candle matches are.

While a lot of thought and care goes into choosing your best scented candles or your long dinner variety, considering both their scent and look to go well with your home, we just accept the necessary evil (ok, a bit dramatic perhaps) that are regular matches. But the trend of bougie candle matches is changing that, one matchbox at a time.

On top of their pretty, stylish packaging that will add another decorative element to your coffee table or mantelpiece right next to your candles, candle matches are also safer, boasting a longer design that protects your fingers from getting burnt. And they make for the perfect stocking filler idea or just a treat for yourself.

Fancy candle matches trend

A side table with lit candles, marshmallows and pine cones

(Image credit: Future PLC/Maxwell Attenborough)

Who says that everyday items need to be ugly? We think quite the opposite. Since you use them on a regular basis, there is all the more reason to make something like your candle matches nice to look at.

‘Candle matches have seen a surge in popularity due to their dual functionality and aesthetic appeal,’ says Freddie Crowther, founder of Polkra. ‘Beyond the practicality of lighting candles, these matches serve as a stylish accessory in your home, enhancing the overall ritual of creating ambiance and cosiness - something we really focus on in the winter months.’

‘The longer length of candle matches adds an element of safety, keeping fingers away from the flame and also contributes to a more elegant and enjoyable lighting experience. Finally, the beautiful motifs found on candle matches make them perfect for gifting.’ 

So many benefits and so many beautiful designs to choose from! But we've rounded up nine of our faves here:

And just like you can reuse old candle jars instead of tossing them out, you can keep your matchbox as a decorative storage item or simply refill it again using cheaper candle matches like these on Amazon

Alternatively, if you feel up for an easy DIY project, you can make some fancy candle matchboxes yourself following the lead of content creator Geneva Vanderzeil (@genevavanderzeil) on TikTok, again using some cheaper matches like the Amazon ones and giving them a chic makeover.


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Whichever route you decide to go down, this inexpensive candle accessory will make the ritual of lighting a candle all the more special. Trust us on that one.

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