George Home just brought back its viral £35 cave cabinet – get it before it’s gone again!

It's sold out within days in all the previous drops before – so it's not going to hang around for long

Cream Cabinet With Shelves
(Image credit: George Home)

Very often when you don’t ask, you don’t get. But when you ask, you receive - and that’s exactly what happened to those asking George Home to bring back its viral cave cabinet that swiftly sold out when the brand first dropped it this January – subsequent drops followed but they sold out just as quickly. And now it’s back again, baby!

People clearly can’t get enough of this design. Marketed as a decorative bathroom shelving idea, the George Home Cream Cabinet with Shelves can also be used as an open bedroom storage idea for jewellery and decorative items or as a display cabinet in the living room.

Boasting a sculpted look with a design known as cave (also sometimes called cove) cabinet, defined by the shelves seemingly cut out of a block of material, the George Home cabinet is made of MDF painted in a cream shade with a speckled finish which creates a ceramic-like effect. And the best part? It’s only £35.

Cream Cabinet With Shelves

(Image credit: George Home)

George Home cave cabinet is back

Unless you’ve fallen for the striking design at first sight (as many have), you might be wondering why it’s so popular that it keeps selling out time and time again. It’s largely because cave shelves tend to be on the pricey side – including the Woood Display Cabinet from Wayfair, priced at £329.99.

So much so that several DIYers and DIY influencers have taken to making these themselves – as Chris Neyap of @lappartneyap on Instagram has done, creating his from cardboard-covered wooden crates which he’s further lathered with plaster.

Woood Display Cabinet

(Image credit: Wayfair)

That’s why high street brands like George Home and even Matalan created their cave shelf dupes to fill this gap in the market. And we’re very grateful indeed. As are many of George Home’s Instagram followers and fans, commenting on the brand’s post announcing the cabinet’s re-release with the likes of, ‘Omg I need this! 🔥’ and ‘Ordered 😎’.

Cave shelves and cabinets are part of a larger home decor trend incorporating curved furniture into our homes instead of harsh angles.

‘The trend of incorporating curves into interiors continues to gain momentum,’ says Alex Stubbs, Flitch interior stylist. ‘Since first becoming popular, the trend towards incorporating curves in interiors has evolved in several ways. Initially, it was primarily seen in furniture design, particularly in statement pieces like sofas and armchairs. However, it has since expanded to include other elements of interior decor. There's been a move towards more fluid and organic shapes, inspired by nature and the human form. This evolution reflects a growing appreciation for design that is both visually striking and harmonious with its surroundings, ushering in a new era of sculptural elegance in interior spaces.’

That’s exactly what designs like this cabinet are a symptom of – a new era of sculptural elegance, as Alex put it. So if you like it, don’t hesitate – it could be gone before you make up your mind as many have missed out in previous drops. And it’s not a good feeling.

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