This £22 Matalan cave shelf is £100s cheaper than designer lookalikes

Plus, it's the perfect alternative to the sold out viral George Home version

White Multilayer Cove Shelf
(Image credit: Matalan)

As much as we love designer homeware and furniture pieces, we’re usually not so keen on the accompanying price tag. So when we see a good dupe for those high-end designs, that makes us very excited indeed. And Matalan has just made us very happy with its cave shelves, which are just the perfect lookalike for many designer styles and make for a lovely decorative bathroom shelving idea

For the past few weeks, we’ve been checking almost daily whether the viral sculptural Cream Cabinet With Shelves from George Home is back in stock as it’s been sold out for a depressingly long time. Retailing at £35, this was one of the few affordable cave cabinets available on the market. But now that Matalan has released its Multilayer Cove Shelf for £22, this beauty has shot to the top of our wish lists.

If you’re into the cave shelf look too and have either been deterred by the high price point of the likes of Woood Display Cabinet at Wayfair or have been impatiently waiting for the George Home shelves to come back, then we advise you to bag this one while you still can. We predict it won’t take long for it to sell out too.

Woood Display Cabinet

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Matalan cave shelves

The cave shelf micro trend falls under the larger home decor trend of curved interiors. And as we are all loving all things curved, it’s no surprise these shelves have enjoyed so much popularity as of late

‘Curved shelves are statement pieces that will create a designer look in any home,’ Lucy Mather, interior design expert at Arighi Bianchi. ‘As well as the curved trend, they also feed into a rustic aesthetic, with paired back and textured finishes.'

'Think rustic, Mediterranean styling and bare plaster. As summer approaches we are predicting this trend will gain even more momentum as people look to recreate the summer-retreat vibe in their home.’

Cream Cabinet With Shelves

(Image credit: George Home)

That’s right. This design look takes inspiration from Mediterranean aesthetic and cave-like interiors, where shelves are built straight into plaster walls.

And judging by Matalan’s most recent scalloped homeware range which has gone viral all over social media and has been consistently selling out, the Matalan cove shelf is likely to enjoy a similar level of popularity.

So we say run, don’t walk.

Sara Hesikova
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