How to decorate with Farrow & Ball's Sulking Room Pink - the ultimate grown-up blush shade

Pink isn't going anywhere - here's how to make it work in any room

Farrow and Ball sulking room pink in hallway
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Pink? As decor? Groundbreaking. No, but really - many homeowners have previously steered away from the typically 'girly' shade, but it's been having a major resurgence thanks to Farrow and Ball's sulking room pink, a grown-up take on the palette. 

Previously a shade associated with childhood bedrooms, the best pink paint has come of age - and Farrow and Ball's famous Sulking Room Pink shade is the root of all envy. It's been pinned on inspiration boards across social media thanks to its dusky tone that is subtle enough to be treated like a neutral, so it won't take much persuasion to get non-pink lovers on board.  

'Sulking Room Pink is the colour that we have all been looking for,' says Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball's colour curator. 'An intriguing mix that sates our desire for both grey and pink. It feels both down to earth as well as a little romantic and will create a humble beauty in the home, making rooms feel soft-edged and accessible – exactly the opposite of our hard-edged, flat-screened existence.' 

What's not to love?

How to decorate with Sulking Room Pink

From pink kitchens to picture-perfect pink bedrooms, adding a splash of this on-trend shade to any space is a simple way of revamping it. Gone are the days of minimal white rooms, homeowners are now embracing colour like never before and pink is the ideal place to start - it will work with plenty of other shades and it won't be too overwhelming. 

The shade has gained an almost cult following and if you're curious as to what makes this heritage brand's paint so alluring, Farrow & Ball's Inside The Factory episode will delve into Sulking Room Pink on Sunday 25th February. 

If you're already sold but not sure where to start decorating with Sulking Room pink, or any other pink for that matter, here are our top tips. 

1. Reinvigorate a cooking space

Farrow & Ball sulking room pink on bookshelf

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

A pink kitchen might seem like a bold (and expensive) choice when you're uncertain whether a trendy colour will stick around, but there are so many ways to bring Sulking Room Pink into a cooking space in a less committal way. 

'Sulking Room Pink can be used on kitchen units particularly when combined with darks like Paean Black and Railings for a powerful look. The more darks you combine with Sulking Room Pink the more Bohemian it feels so combining it with Mahogany woodwork is a firm favourite for dramatic impact,' says Joa. 

Michael Rolland, managing director at The Paint Shed, adds, 'Sulking Room Pink can work well in kitchens to upgrade cupboards, injecting a pop of colour to the room. This works especially well in brighter spaces as the colour is amplified when light bounces off it and around the room.'

2. Cosy up a living room

Farrow and Ball sulking room pink in hallway

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

A living room is a space that you want to feel bright and expansive come a weekend morning when you're relaxing with a cup of tea, but warm and cosy when snuggled up for an evening in front of the TV. Paint is an important factor in how a room feels, but Sulking Room Pink can achieve both goals, depending on the natural light in the room. 

'The shade adds warmth and character to rooms in a truly contemporary way, making it a great option throughout the home,' says Michael. 'For small rooms, this light pink shade works well as it reflects light making the walls appear to fall back and giving the illusion of a bigger, more open space. In bigger rooms, avoid overwhelming the space; instead, highlight accent walls and alcove spaces with the pink shade to create points of interest.' 

And if you're wondering what to pair it with, Michael suggests, 'darker, bold colours like Farrow & Ball Hague Blue and Farrow & Ball Bancha work well with Sulking Room Pink as well as neutral colours like nude shades such as Farrow & Ball Au Lait for a more relaxed and cosy feel.'

3. Create the perfect boudoir

Pink bedroom with fireplace in sulking room pink

(Image credit: Rosena Robertson)

A bedroom is the perfect place to decorate with pink, and Farrow & Ball's shade is one that even a pink-hating husband will get on board with. Whether you soak a whole wall in Sulking Room Pink (or the entire room, a la colour drenching) or choose an abstract paint idea to feature the colour, the result will be calming and characterful. 

'Sulking Room Pink is the perfect colour to add to a muted or neutral scheme as it sits happily with greys as well as warmer neutrals,' recommends Joa. 

4. Make a bathroom prettier

Bathroom with sulking room pink cabinet

(Image credit: @countrylifemystyle)

 Family bathrooms and downstairs cloakrooms alike will benefit from a splash of Sulking Room Pink. If you're a fan of spreading out lotions and potions to truly enjoy the getting ready process then using pink will make a washroom feel more glamorous. 

Alternatively, if you're apprehensive about incorporating a pink palette to your home, starting small with a lesser-seen space such as a bathroom will make it more accessible. 

Joa suggests, 'If you have opted to use an understated palette throughout your home, then start using colours in smaller areas like WCs or even just on the interior of a cupboard. It's also the perfect tone for smaller light-deprived areas which feel dull in light colours.'

Where are you featuring Sulking Room Pink first?

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