LEGO flowers are rising in popularity – 5 ways to display these playful blooms in style

Are they the new dried flowers?

LEGO Flower Bouquet in a living room
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Gone are the days when LEGO was just a toy for children. The popular building brick brand has infiltrated the lives of adults as much as children with cool product launches of architectural building sets like the Eiffel Tower, model cars and, of course, LEGO flowers. But once the building fun is done, many are often at a loss as to how to display their LEGO flowers.

This home decor trend is an unexpected one. But with many embracing more playfulness in their homes and expressing their interests and personality through interior design, it only makes sense that something so fun yet cute would make its way in. Especially since it’s a gift (to yourself or others) that outlasts the fresh flower alternative and can be proudly and nostalgically kept for years to come.

The LEGO flower interiors trend is becoming so popular that over this year’s Valentine’s Day period, London’s Battersea Power Station even opened a dedicated LEGO florist stand for customers to purchase bouquets and individual stems already put together and ready to go.

So whether you’re considering getting some LEGO flowers for your mum since Mother’s Day is just around the corner as an alternative gift idea, you want to treat yourself to a bouquet or even if you already have one, these are the 5 best ways to display them in your home.  

LEGO Orchid

(Image credit: LEGO)

How to display LEGO flowers

In the midst of the LEGO flower craze, Pinterest reports that searches for ‘LEGO flowers’ have doubled just in the past three months, and search volume for ‘lego display ideas’ has increased by 60%.

This is because LEGO flower bouquets come without a dedicated vase to keep them in, except for the LEGO Orchid which comes in its own pot and makes for the perfect houseplant that’s truly impossible to kill, if you’re not particularly green-fingered. 

Incidentally, the Orchid is one of the three most popular LEGO flowers, joined by the original Flower Bouquet and the Wildflower Bouquet.

And this is exactly how you can proudly display them in your home, according to experts.

1. Perch them in a coloured glass vase

LEGO Flower Bouquet on a windowsill

(Image credit: LEGO)

If you’re searching for the perfect vase for LEGO flowers, then coloured glass vases is the style we’d recommend. That’s how our in-house LEGO flower enthusiast and Junior Writer, Jullia Joson displays her own.

‘I now have two LEGO flower bouquets, and they're easily one of my favourite decor pieces in my home. People always compliment them, so they definitely make a playful statement. I use transparent coloured vases for them that I got from TK Maxx for an affordable price, which allows the colours in the LEGO flowers to pop and draw more attention to them.’

And since coloured glassware is currently trending, there are plenty of options on the high street you could opt for. And if you want to go a little further, then you can even fill the bottom of your vases.

‘You can fill the vases with colourful stones or marbles to add visual interest and stability to the arrangement,’ says Sam Sutherland, Flitch interior stylist.

2. Stage them in a Sshadow box

Shadow boxes are often used to display dried flowers. But since LEGO flowers are basically the new dried flowers, why not give this method and go and make your LEGO flowers into a piece of art.

‘Shadow boxes are great for displaying LEGO flowers, especially if you want to protect them from dust and keep them in pristine condition,’ Sam advises. ‘You can arrange the flowers in the shadow box along with some foliage or other decorative elements to create a visually appealing scene.’

LEGO roses in a bookcase

(Image credit: LEGO)

3. Make a statement on a floating shelf

‘Floating shelves provide a minimalist and modern way to display LEGO flowers. Arrange the flowers on the shelves in an aesthetically pleasing manner, mixing different colours and types to create a vibrant display,’ Sam suggests.

You can add some complementing decorative items to the shelf to create a considered display, similar to the principles of bookshelf wealth.

Jullia created a similar moment with her LEGO flowers as she displayed one ‘surrounded by decorative candles in true “clustercore” fashion,’ while the other bouquet is ‘next to my pink scalloped tray from Addison Ross which houses a handful of my go-to fragrances and skincare products.’

4. Make a LEGO brick display

If you’re a real fan of LEGO, then you can stick with the theme and build a display out of other LEGO pieces you own.

‘Get creative and build custom displays using LEGO bricks to showcase your flower creations. Build a flower garden or a botanical scene complete with trees, bushes, and pathways to enhance the overall presentation,’ Sam says.

LEGO Flower Bouquet in a living room

(Image credit: LEGO)

5. Showcase with lighting

If you keep your LEGO flowers on a bookshelf, then adding a lighting fixture like a spotlight above it can create a sophisticated look similar to an art gallery.

‘Consider adding lighting to your display to highlight the intricate details of the LEGO flowers. LED strip lights or spotlights can be used to illuminate the display and create a captivating visual effect,’ Sam concludes.

We love how fun this trend is. 

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