If you love Sienna Miller’s sellout M&S fashion collection – this is how to get her trending Boho aesthetic in your home

The Sienna collection for M&S is a sellout hit – and we're craving more of its Bohemian chic in our lives!

M&S x Sienna Miller campaign
(Image credit: M&S)

Yesterday, Sienna Miller’s collection of clothing created in collaboration with Marks & Spencer dropped. Needless to say, it was an instant sellout hit. And if you weren’t quick enough like myself, you found yourself missing out on all the Bohemian-style goodness the Sienna collection for M&S was filled with. But do not despair as there are other ways you can embrace Sienna Miller’s signature Boho chic – like in your home.

And that’s because I scoured the internet and found some perfect home accessories and furnishings that look as if they were directly inspired by Sienna’s collection. But we shouldn’t be surprised really as the Bohemian home decor trend, similarly to the fashion trend, is also experiencing a revival. Which is exactly why we’re seeing more of Sienna Miller, the original Boho chic style icon of the noughties.

But this time around, the look is a bit different, as one would expect it to be a couple decades later. It’s modernised, just like the M&S x Sienna Miller offering is, featuring romantic lace and broderie anglaise finishes alongside prints referencing the likes of India and Morocco, as one of the campaign quotes read, ‘Inspired by summer festivals, exotic adventures, iconic prints and my favourite vintage finds’. And that’s exactly what we’ve rounded up for you here – just in a home decor form. Alongside some tips on how to best approach and style your Boho living room ideas and more.

A bedroom with Bohemian decor

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

Sienna Miller-inspired Boho home decor trend

While there seem to be several reasons driving the Boho home trend, the principal one seems to be our longing for comfort and cosiness.

‘We want homes to feel comforting and relaxing, and we want to use sustainable materials – all of which work in a Boho decor setting and that leading to its resurgence this year as a key look,’ says Lucy Mather, interiors expert at Arighi Bianchi.

‘The motivation behind how we want our décor to make us ‘feel’ is an overriding influence on so many looks right now, and this is another clear example. The Boho look achieves an aesthetic that enhances a feeling of wellbeing and calm. We are placing even more focus on comfort. And we want to be surrounded by natural materials and calming neutrals.’

A Bohemian-style bedroom with patterned bedding and floral wallpaper

(Image credit: Future PLC/Mark Scott)

Daniel Prendergast, design director at The Rug Seller, takes us back to the world of fashion where he believes lies the origin of this trend’s resurgence. ‘I think the revival of Boho chic has been heavily influenced by the 2024 fashion runways, in particular Chemena Kamali’s show for her Chloé debut. And demand for boho-style looks has never been greater.’

Coincidentally (or not?), Sienna Miller is one of the faces of the new Chloé.

A patio with black metal furniture and Bohemian decor

(Image credit: M&S)

How to incorporate and style the Bohemian home trend in 2024

As previously mentioned, the new Bohemian trend is slightly different than what it used to be, as we’ve also seen on some of the recent Boho-inspired product launches like the George Home hammock chair. So this is what you need to do to achieve the look of a Boho bedroom – or any other room.

‘For 2024’s take on the Boho aesthetic, use colourful rugs, throws and cushions with ethnic prints or vibrant patterns to add texture and create a cosy, bohemian vibe. Incorporate natural materials such as wood, wicker, and rattan in furniture and decor pieces,’ Lucy suggests.

Sam Sutherland, Flitch interior stylist, continues, ‘Incorporate plants with varying heights and shapes to create a lush, relaxed atmosphere. Utilise vintage furniture pieces and incorporate decorative elements like lanterns, dreamcatchers, and hanging plants to add visual interest and charm.’

Speaking of vintage furniture, we couldn’t help but notice how well Sienna’s pieces sat next to the dark wood, metal, leather and boucle finishes of the mid-century modern pieces in some of the campaign imagery and at the launch of the range, shared on Marks & Spencer’s Instagram.

But more traditionally Bohemian materials like rattan also pair well. ‘Rattan furniture exudes a relaxed, organic and bohemian vibe that resonates with the current interior design trends. Its natural texture and welcoming tones add a touch of nature and warmth to any space, creating an inviting and cosy atmosphere.’

A Bohemian bedroom with patterned bedding and a straw table lamp

(Image credit: M&S)

Get the Sienna look

Now you can live your best life in a home exuding the cool, Bohemian vibe of the one and only, Sienna Miller.

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