Colourful glassware is the must-have kitchen shelf accessory for 2024 – the 6 best high-street sets to shop now

Two-toned glassware will elevate your dining experience according to experts – and these are the 6 sets that do it best

A set dining table with a vase of flowers, tulips and two-toned glassware
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This is the year of two-toned glassware - at least according to high-street brands that fill their collections with multicoloured coupes and wine glasses for special occasions. But this colourful trend also comes verified and recommended by interiors experts. And we’re so here for it.

If you’re into your tablescaping decor then incorporating some two-toned glassware is the perfect way to both inject some personality and colour into your dining table, as well as elevate the dining experience with a surprising, fun element.

Last year, we embraced the one-toned colourful glassware tablescaping trend. But 2024 is all about being bold with a hint of trendy kitsch so we’re throwing more colours into the mix. Which is the best way to bring about the spirit of spring a little bit sooner. But don’t worry, we have our experts on hand to advise how to best style this joyful look. 

HAY Tint Wine Glasses Set of 2

(Image credit: Heal's)

Best multi-coloured glassware 2024

The home decor trend of two-toned glassware is most definitely favoured in the special occasion category as mostly Champagne coupes, flutes and wine glasses are getting the multicoloured makeover from brands including Anthropologie and Primark, which recently also impressed us with its viral Stanley cup dupe. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them outside of your dinner parties.

‘The beauty of this glassware is that vibrant designs allow individuals to express their style within even the most neutral of design schemes,’ says Hannah Thistlethwaite, senior buyer at Heal’s. ‘Two-toned designs are all the rage across social media, with multi-coloured tumblers and tinted champagne coupes reimagining the trend to add instant personality across modern tablescapes.’

And these are 6 of our favourite styles.

Why should you buy two-toned glasses?

We think this glassware style goes hand in hand with the ‘kitschens’ home decor trend. But it’s also a great way to inject some personality to the dinner table in its own right.

‘Two-tone glassware in striking, multicoloured combinations are having a moment in interiors,’ Freddie Crowther, Polkra founder. ‘These simple yet impactful dual-tone designs offer a beautiful marriage of colour. They're eclectic and vintage, yet also modern and minimalist, making them incredibly versatile as they effortlessly complement almost any interior scheme.’

Anthropologie Set of 4 Morro Stemless Wine Glasses

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

As Freddie mentions, this trend bears a vintage reference, specifically to the 1920s, a decade whose style has been having a renaissance lately.

‘Brightly coloured glass was a commonplace trend in the 1920s, with what became known as “Depression glass” originally released as a low-cost advertising tool in America. In an attempt to entice customers to shop during the Great Depression, the decorative vessels allowed people to bring a sense of colourful optimism and joy to their homes in a relatively inexpensive way,’ Hannah explains.

She attributes the recent move towards rainbow-hued glassware to customers looking ‘to break away from traditional styling techniques and elevate their table settings.’

A set dining table with a vase of flowers, tulips and two-toned glassware

(Image credit: M&S)

How to style two-toned glassware?

‘Styling two-tone glassware is so easy, as it's really about maximising the impact of the two-tone glass and making the colours sing,’ Freddie starts.

He suggests matching your glassware to your napkins to create a tonal harmony. ‘Pair your napkins with your two-tone glassware, complementing their colour and layering them on top of fresh white china. If you're adding candles to the table, why not use two-tone glass tumblers as your holders, and add tea-lights to them. Once lit, the two-tone glass will catch and reflect the light beautifully,’ Freddie says.

HAY Tint Wine Glasses Set of 2

(Image credit: Heal's)

Alternatively, Hannah proposes to mix and match and embrace the maximalist look. ‘By mixing and matching different shapes, sizes and shades, and pairing vintage pieces with contemporary designs, individuals can create an eclectic and joyful tablescape with ease.’

‘Whether styled across open shelving, on a bar cabinet or to spruce up the dining table, the evolving trend reflects how customers are becoming braver and bolder when curating their homes,’ she concludes.

That’s definitely a trend we can get behind. 

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