Kate Moss has launched wellness scents for the home - I tried them and they honestly smell incredible

Elegant and earthy, the incense sticks won me over

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When you think of celebrity-endorsed scents for the home, Kate Moss's name doesn't automatically spring to mind. But the supermodel turned entrepreneur has recently launched a new wellness brand, including perfume and incense sticks that will transform your home into a soothing scented sanctuary.

Named Cosmoss, the dreamy new range features a selection of products under a wellness umbrella, from luxe skincare to soothing teas. But as we're Ideal Home, it's safe to say that it was obviously La Mosse's take on the best home fragrance that piqued our interest.

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First up is the Cosmoss Sacred Mist. Billed as a scent for '...skin, soul and space...', this Eau De Parfum features base notes of Oak Moss, Cedarwood and Tonka Bean, heart notes of Jasmine, Geranium and Tuberose, and finally top notes of Sweet Bergamot and Orange Flower.

This all tallies perfectly with our research on the best home scents to calm you down, though priced at £68 for 30ml and £125 for 100ml, we'd be more likely to save something this spenny for our skin than our family living room.

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However, it's the Cosmoss incense sticks that we have really fallen for, and at £32 for 30 sticks, we think that as a treat, they're pretty good value for money.
The fragrance that the incense sticks emit is pretty much the same as the Sacred Mist - Kate's new signature scent - but with an additional top note of lavender - that heady aroma everyone knows is instantly relaxing.

Having put both to the test, I can firmly say that I love them. The scent is feminine without tipping into too much floral sweetness, and the masculine base notes are both elegant and earthy.

Kate Moss glamourous headshot

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Now, the thought of spraying my home with a £125 bottle of perfume doesn't strictly appeal to me - I'll be saving that for myself, thankyouverymuch - but I'm totally on board with the Cosmoss incense sticks. Their soothing and sexy fragrance is leagues away from any tired hippy connotations, making it the perfect home scent to make you happy.

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