We're calling it - this unique M&S mirror is going to be the surprise homeware hit of the season

The mirror that caught our eye weeks prior is finally here

River Full Length Wall Mirror
(Image credit: M&S)

It’s finally here, the mirror that ticks many boxes and this year’s major home decor trends. Asymmetry? Tick. Waves? Tick. Unique design we haven’t seen before? Tick. 

It’s not unusual at the Ideal Home office that we get a sneak peek of brands’ future collections and launches before they become readily available. So when we were given a preview of what’s to come at M&S Home, we were instantly struck by the original shape of the River Full Length Wall Mirror with its asymmetrical, wavy edge. And it’s now finally available in store, and we're predicting it's going to be a homeware hit this season.

Not only is the mirror unique and trendy, we love the mirror’s flexible design, which can be positioned and hung in whichever way you desire,wavy side down over a sofa or lengthways as a  hallway mirror idea. This might just be one of the most versatile new mirrors we've seen in a while.

M&S Home River wavy edge mirror

River Full Length Wall Mirror

(Image credit: M&S)

Named after its fluid shape that flows like a river stream, the £139 design fits right in with the asymmetric mirror trend that we so love and have seen a lot of over the course of this year. Just not quite like this.

‘Designers and homeowners alike are embracing the idea that beauty can be found in irregular forms and asymmetry,’ says Sam Sutherland, Flitch interior stylist. ‘This aligns with the desire for more organic and free-flowing aesthetics in our homes and reflects a departure from the rigid geometries that have been popular over the previous year.’

Tracey Hague, director at furniture and homeware brand Where Saints Go, adds, ‘We’ve spotted the increase in popularity of asymmetric mirrors compared to the more traditional rectangle or circle options. Blending functionality and beauty, asymmetric mirrors can add a subtle and refined design element to your home.’

It turns out that it’s not just wavy headboards that are having a moment and we’re so happy that the trend extends to everything from placemats to mirrors now.

‘Rounder shapes, curves and waves across all types of furniture were very prominent at this year’s European furniture shows, which like high-end designer fashion shows precede what becomes popular in the UK,’ Lucy Mather, head of design at luxury furniture and furnishing store Arighi Bianchi, informs us.

Will you be adding this wave to your home?

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