This designer headboard style is making waves – so I tracked down an affordable alternative and it’s a winner

One of our favourite (but pricey) headboard style just became affordable

La Grâce Headboard
(Image credit: ByLydia)

Curved furniture and decor has been one of the most consistent trends of the year, and it seems like it’s here to stay around even longer. Soft, fluid lines have replaced hard angles and we’re so here for it. So much so that we’ve been keeping taps on a particular curvy look – wavy headboards. 

The only thing that’s been keeping us from acting on our desire to pursue this home decor trend is the hefty price tag they often come with. Just take one of our favourites, the La Grâce Headboard by Studio Gabrielle, which costs £899 for the double size. So for the longest time we admired its curves from afar.

But FOMO no longer has a chance as Habitat’s Onda Headboard just launched, selling for a far more affordable £135 for the double size and £160 for the king version. The big question is – how does it stack up in comparison to the Studio Gabrielle version?

Habitat launches a wavy headboard

Habitat Onda Linen Double Headboard - Natural

(Image credit: Habitat)

This look is one of the best headboard designs we’ve seen in a while. And it’s a versatile one too.

‘The wave is an elevation of the scallop trend; more versatile, and not as cutesy,’ says Lydia Horsnall, founder of furniture and homeware brand BY LYDIA. ‘It’s usable in a smart, contemporary London apartment, while it works just as well in a pretty country cottage bedroom.’

While we don’t want to take away from the high-quality design and craftsmanship of these smaller brands and their headboards, not everyone is able (or wants!) to splurge £800 or more on these pieces. Which is why this Habitat number is a great alternative.

La Grâce Headboard

(Image credit: Studio Gabrielle)

Available either in cream linen - our favourite, which closer resembles the one from Studio Gabrielle - or green velvet, the Habitat headboard is outlined with a piped finish. Meanwhile, the La Grâce headboard is made with fleece and features a more streamlined look sans any piping.

A wavy headboard, wherever you get it from, is a great bedroom idea to help soften your space or bring an element of intrigue into the room. 

‘Curves and waves are in – and what we love about this look is that it softens a bedroom that rarely has more fluid shapes in it,’ says Jemma Greenan from

'Curves and waves create a calming effect that straight lines cannot, which makes them particularly desirable in the bedroom, where a tranquil atmosphere is especially valued,' agrees Sue Jones, luxury interiors expert and co-founder of OKA

'Curves will also help your bedroom feel more cosy, adding softness in contrast to hard, straight edges. In a small bedroom, you’ll also find that introducing wavy lines will help to make the space feel bigger by extending the eyeline.'

‘The wavy and curvy shapes of these headboards can evoke a sense of relaxation and comfort – tying into an interior scheme’s movement towards extreme comfort and giving all elements of a home a more inviting feel,' adds Lucy Mather, head of design at luxury furniture and furnishing store Arighi Bianchi. 'Wavy furniture can contribute to a sense of flow and movement in a room.’

‘Headboards are designed to draw the eye to the bed as a focal point in the room – hence why “oversized headboards” feature so heavily in interior design now. So this is another way to add something different and artistic to a home, moving away from traditional looks, and making them stand out.'

What do you think of this oversized headboard look? 

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