Molly Mae's nursery has highlighted why millennials are obsessed with minimalism

Just how much does social media impact our design choices?

White nursery with green painted mountain mural behind a white cot
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Molly Mae's minimalist nursey sparks debate on the impact of social media on our home decor choices.

Former Love Island stars, Molly Mae and Tommy Fury welcomed their firstborn, Bambi Fury, into the world not so long ago. Molly Mae has long been keen to showcase the evolution of their home through Instagram, which fans have been eager to follow.

Amongst all the nursery ideas to navigate, their choice to embrace a minimalist nursery for their child was one that was more or less positively received, but it got the experts wondering what it was about minimalism that had millennials obsessed.

Simple nursery with smart white cot and a mountain mural painted in sage green

(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

Why are millennials obsessed with minimalism?

'Bambi Fury's nursery is undoubtedly chic and follows the theme of sleek decorating choices we’ve seen elsewhere in the Hague-Fury household,' says Stephanie King, creative lead at Dulux.

'It’s very in-keeping with the design trends that continue to be popular with millennials, and I imagine we’ll see many nurseries follow the same style as more and more people in this age bracket become parents.'

Matt Siberry, head of home at Pinterest UK confirms that recent search data from Pinterest has shown a 'huge demand for all things minimalistic – from bedrooms to kitchens and living rooms.'

White nursery with cot, grey patterned wallpaper and yellow armchair

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Minimalism can be 'characterised by simplicity, modern lines and a concise colour palette, minimalistic interiors provide a clutter-free, relaxed environment.'

This interior trend is one that we've seen never go out of style, always looking refined and timeless, with minimalism proven to increase the value of your home as it appeals to home buyers.

Not to mention, the frequency with which we consume this interior trend on social media.

Modern white living room with concrete floors and feature wall, grey sofa and wood burner

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Minimalism as a result of the impact of social media

It's important to consider the impact that social media has on our choices, from your day-to-day routine even down to the nitty gritty of interior design – especially if you have an online presence.

'Social media definitely has an influence on the way we decorate. It has put our homes in the spotlight and I think people are feeling more pressure to create the 'picture perfect' home,' explains Harriet Pringle, founder of Narchie.

sofa and coffee table in beige coloured living room

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Stephanie King at Dulux describes social media as a 'real window into our lives' as we 'welcome people into our home' the same way we do guests. 'You just have to look at how much interest there was around Bambi Fury's nursery to know decor choices are going to be judged by people online.'

And the thought of that can be terrifying. It's no wonder people may be pulling back from trying other interior trends and being 'a bit scared of decorating with colour.'

white bathroom with large tiles

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'Social media definitely plays a significant role in influencing consumers' interior decisions, and minimalism certainly peppers the grids of copious millennial channels in today's world,' explains Tala Fustok, designer and founder of Tala Fustok Studio. 'But one must keep in mind that in a lot of these instances, experts have been hired to design the spaces.'

'It's important for consumers to remain objective and take inspiration where they wish to, but not adhere to ever-changing fads that don't necessarily suit their personality and home environment.'

white kitchen with island and herringbone flooring

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'When it comes to being afraid of what you showcase on social media, there will always be those who favour an alternative style to your home aesthetic.' Minimalism is not a one size fits all.

Harriet Pringle at Narchie adds, 'My advice will always be to purchase and decorate your home with items you love, whether they're the hottest new trend or not. Don't be frightened to go with what you love, more often than not all your pieces will come together and work really well.'

White living room with sofa, bay window and wooden coffee table

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So, what do you think? There's so much more we could touch base on regarding factors for the ongoing popularity of the minimalistic aesthetic, but this is just one.

Is the growth of minimalism as a consistently well-sought-after interior design choice due to its beauty and timelessness, or has social media really impacted our free will to decorate outside of these 'ideal' constraints?

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