This IKEA lighting staple is making a comeback – but with a new, bespoke twist

We can't get enough of it

Bespoke hand-painted paper lanterns hung up in Rixo flagship store
(Image credit: Megan Taylor)

Trend experts at Etsy reveal the most sought-after trends that shoppers are embracing – and there's a particular lighting trend coming back that's famously made the rounds in many homes, but in a new and reimagined form that we can't get enough of.

Paper lighting trend

'Shoppers have long been embracing paper lighting of all shapes and sizes – a time-honoured style that dates back to ancient China – thanks to their unique ability to diffuse light, providing a soft and warm glow that creates an inviting atmosphere,' says Dayna Isom Johnson, trend expert at Etsy.

There has been an 85% increase in searches on Etsy for hanging paper lanterns, a 61% increase for rice paper lighting, and a 24% increase for paper floor lamps.

'These playful yet sophisticated pieces can create a magical ambience whether used as a statement piece or clustered together to create a larger display.'

IKEA REGOLIT pendant lampshade hung in neutral living room

(Image credit: IKEA)

When it comes to configuring a quick yet cosy living room lighting idea, there's a go-to solution available at our favourite flat-pack staple retailer – IKEA's REGOLIT pendant lamp shade, otherwise known as the fan-favourite paper lampshade that many homes know all too well.

Not to mention its frequency within student flats (believe me, I had this lampshade in two out of three of the flats I lived in while I was at university). However, I suppose that's a testament to its timelessness and accessibility as a bedroom lighting idea. At £2 a piece, how can you say no?

IKEA REGOLIT pendant lamp shade in neutral bedroom

(Image credit: IKEA)

However, we've recently come across a new way to reimagine the classic paper lampshade to give it a bespoke twist and a touch of personality – and we think it's a great budget decorating idea to give your home a mood-boosting makeover this Spring.

Hermione and Ellie Gee, founders of Hum London, create hand-painted lampshades, and one of their most recent projects was creating bespoke paper lanterns for vintage clothing store RIXO's new flagship store, as seen on an Instagram post.

Bespoke hand-painted paper lanterns hung up in Rixo flagship store

(Image credit: Megan Taylor)

'Recently we were commissioned to paint some Matisse-inspired lanterns by Cúpla Studio, for RIXO's new flagship store,' says Hermione.

'I normally paint cotton or card lampshades, so I really enjoyed the larger scale of the lanterns, and the fact that they can provide a focal point in the room. I also love how the rice paper glows from the inside, adding another dimension to the lanterns when the light is on.'

Bespoke hand-painted rice paper lampshade by Hum London

(Image credit: Hum London / Hermione Gee)

This little DIY painting project is a refreshing take on this classic lampshade silhouette. We have to admit that we're pretty tempted to try it ourselves to give our homes a pop of colour for the warmer season.

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