Roberts radios are back – the Petite digital radio all our editors are adding to their shelves

The UK's best-selling radio brand has outdone itself with this Petite retro radio leading the revival

Roberts Revival Petite 2
(Image credit: Roberts)

Roberts radios are a much-loved design classic. First launched in 1932, the brand stuck with its defining retro aesthetic to this day. Which is exactly why we love it so much. 

But while the brand’s signature radios are both beautiful and highly functional, they can feel a bit too big. So whether you’re pinched for space or just have a soft spot for all things little and cute, we’re sure you’re going to love the Roberts Revival Petite radio.

The Roberts aesthetic, which is extended to its newest palm-sized launch, is very much in line with the current home decor trends championing various retro and vintage styles such as the seventies revival. This is why our editors are so keen to adorn our shelves and bedside tables with one of these.

The Roberts Revival Petite was first introduced in 2021 and last year, it was crowned the UK’s best-selling digital radio. Roberts has now introduced an upgraded version called Revival Petite 2, released just last month and selling for £99.99. And while the launch coincided with this year’s Valentine’s Day, we think it would make an even better gift for Mother’s Day. Here’s why.

Roberts Revival Petite 2

(Image credit: Roberts)

Roberts Revival Petite radio

Available in a range of pretty and vibrant shades, as well as neutral, timeless colourways, the most popular colour of the Roberts Revival Petite across all retailers has proven to be duck egg, a pale blue with a slight green undertone. So it’s no surprise that the new and improved Revival Petite 2 is available in this colourway too.

Measuring a mere 12.4 centimetres in width and 7.6 centimetres in depth, this adorable portable design is covered in a faux leather finish, much like the classic Roberts radio, and is fitted with a digital display – which now includes a full clock alongside the digital time display.

While the original combined the functions of a radio and a bluetooth speaker, the newly launched version of the Roberts radio is a bluetooth speaker, as well as an alarm clock and a radio, of course, making it a lovely smart home idea. The new design also further hones in on the retro aesthetic with a telescopic antenna, which serves the functional purpose of improving radio connectivity, too. 

‘Roberts fans are at the heart of everything we do, and we share a soft spot for our favourite palm-sized creation, the Revival Petite,’ says Owen Watters, CEO of Roberts Radio. ‘We aim for our radios to blend seamlessly into users’ everyday lives. The size and portability of the Revival Petite, plus doubling up as a Bluetooth speaker, meant that it was perfect as an everyday accessory while at home or on the go.’ 

‘Slowly we noticed a call for an alarm from purchasers, there was a need for the original model to fulfil morning routines for users. And just like that, the Revival Petite 2 was born, featuring alarm functionality as well as a telescopic aerial for improved listening, and the option for USB charging. We always care for our customers’ needs, and we hope the Revival Petite 2 will be their new favourite little companion.’ 

A kitchen with a stand mixer and a vase of hydrangeas and a Roberts radio on a shelf

(Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Eltes)

Ideal Home’s Digital Deputy Editor, Rebecca Knight owns the original Revival Petite in the bright sunburst yellow colourway. And can’t get enough of it.

‘Back in the day, I used to own the classic Roberts radio in pink. And while I loved it, it proved to be too big for my needs and my home. So I downsized to the Revival Petite and haven’t looked back - it’s so easy to use and it feels more mindful than using something like an Alexa. 

'I originally got it for my kitchen but I now move it between the kitchen and the living room since it’s portable and it provides a lovely pop of colour. Whenever we have guests over, they always comment and compliment it.’

Roberts Revival Petite 2

(Image credit: Roberts Radio)

And the rest of us in the office that don’t own one just yet are going to be promptly adding the Roberts Revival Petite 2 to the cart. Whether that’s for us or a loved one.

Sara Hesikova
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