3 Etsy small businesses that have earned Sarah Jessica Parker's seal of approval

'I can't resist a unique piece with a story behind it – and that's where Etsy's creative small businesses really shine'

Neutral painted living room, large neon sign, grey floor to ceiling curtains, wooden console table
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Following the latest season of HBO Max's Sex And The City spinoff, And Just Like That, Sarah Jessica Parker's influence continues to remind us of her status as 'that girl' – not only in fashion, but in the world of interiors, too.

Plenty of budding home decor trends inspired by Carrie Bradshaw's apartment have made the rounds on social media, (namely, the 'It Girl' aesthetic along with countless attempts to give our shoe storage a Carrie-approved makeover). So, at this point, we ought to know that when Sarah Jessica Parker declares a trend forecast, there's no doubt that we'll follow suit.

As this year's judge of the Etsy Design Awards, the iconic SJP has given her stamp of approval to three unique undiscovered home decor designers to watch – and you'd best believe we're all ears.

Neutral painted living room, large neon sign, grey floor to ceiling curtains, wooden console table

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Sarah Jessica Parker's 3 winning picks for the Etsy Design Awards 2023

The Etsy Design Awards is a global award program that celebrates the highest-quality items on Etsy while spotlighting diverse sellers from around the world. 

At Ideal Home, as much as we love our high-street favourites, we also love taking a step back and browsing through small, independent shops to bring about a bespoke, unique flair to our home decor.

This year's awards were judged by none other than Sarah Jessica Parker, alongside Etsy's resident trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson

Out of 150 finalists around the world, three UK designers were championed winners by SJP and were given her stamp of approval, ranging from art to improve your well-being at home, interesting new lighting trends, and even jewellery.

'As a judge for this year's Design Awards, I was inspired by the craftsmanship and creativity on display throughout the entire Etsy community,' starts SJP. 

'When it came down to selecting the winners, the thing that struck me most – aside from their bold originality – is that you can tell they were created to be used and loved by real people.'

She continues, 'These aren't just wonderfully unique conversation pieces, they're items that were made to be enjoyed every day, to be worn and held, and ultimately to be passed down through generations.'

Stairway with window, vase, wall art, and hanging pendant light

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'I can't resist a unique piece with a story behind it—and that's where Etsy's creative small businesses really shine,' reiterates SJP. 'The originality and artistry in this community is unmatched.'

And we agree! There's something that feels so special and personal about handcrafted items that are perfect for boosting your mood at home as a form of dopamine decorating, and even tapping into nostalgiacore.

And If Sarah Jessica Parker herself is giving these businesses her stamp of approval, who are we to question her style expertise? We'll be keeping these Etsy artisans on our radar for the next time we decide to give our homes (and ourselves) a well-deserved refresh.

Jullia Joson
Junior Writer

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