5 ways to give your shoe storage a Carrie Bradshaw-worthy makeover

And just like that, you're well on your way to a shoe haven

Woman looking at shoes on shelves in dark painted walk-in wardrobe
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If there's one thing that's synonymous with Sex and the City's beloved Carrie Bradshaw, it's got to be her shoes – her Manolo Blahniks, to be specific.

As the Sex and the City franchise celebrates its 25th year anniversary and we welcome the return of Carrie and co as season two of And Just Like That airs today, the 22nd of June, best believe we've got all eyes on her wardrobe, namely her extensive shoe storage ideas.

Woman looking at shoes on shelves in dark painted walk-in wardrobe

(Image credit: HBO Max)

New data from TaskRabbit has found that nearly half (47%) of Brits admit that they get their interior design inspiration from the media they consume, whether it be through TV series, films, and even social media.

Further research has found a 125% increase in searches for the installation of 'shoe shelves' in the last year alone, with 'shoe storage' up by 76%. I don't know about you, but that's a lot of people being inspired by Carrie's iconic Manhattan apartment – us included.

Heeled shoes stored on pink shelving with LED strip lights

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How to give your shoe storage a Carrie Bradshaw-approved makeover

So, if you're anything like us and will certainly be tuning in to Carrie's adventures on the big screen, it'll come as no surprise that after seeing her not-so-small walk-in wardrobe you're going to want to make some major upgrades to your own. 

Admittedly, her shoe storage and organisation methods have made us pretty envious in the past (much as Carrie's bed did in AJLT's penultimate episode), but now, you can turn it into a reality of your own and make framing your footwear easier than ever with these expert-led tips.

Blue bedroom with armchairs and coffee table leading into painted pink walk in wardrobe

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1. Before anything, declutter

If you're looking to organise your wardrobe and shoes, decluttering first and foremost is something that shouldn't be overlooked. There's no use installing some stunning shoe storage solutions, just to ultimately fill it with old pairs you don't even wear anymore.

'Gather all your shoes and assess what you have. Declutter the shoes that are worn or damaged, separate them based on the frequency of use, then divide by type e.g heels, trainers, slippers,' advises Craig Hoareau, APDO member and managing director of A Tiny Mind London.

Wooden box shelf storage

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2. Size matters

'Don't forget so make sure you're not just installing shelves of the same size – your everyday flats and winter knee highs are going to need different spaces, so make sure you consider this when you're planning your shoe shelves,' explains Belfast-based tasker, Oliver Boyle, from TaskRabbit.

'And don’t forget that just like families, shoe collections tend to grow, so make sure you're planning for the future, too!'

Pink painted walk in wardrobe with shoes and clothes displayed

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3. Shoes don't need to be confined to the closet

'Really look at your space and see if there is somewhere eye-catching that can be used for your new shoe closet. Having her shoes all ready for her in her wardrobe brings Carrie joy, but you can have them anywhere; the bedroom, in a hallway, or even in the living room,' advises Oliver Boyle at TaskRabbit.

'I like to keep everyday shoes close to the front door but limit this to only a few pairs. Other shoes can live elsewhere such as the bedroom or hallway closet. Holiday slippers can be left inside luggage, special shoes can be put away in the wardrobe,' adds APDO and A Tiny Mind London's Craig Hoareau.

Wooden shoe and bag storage

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4. Consider your ideal shoe storage solution

'If you don’t have much shoe storage space, consider getting a shelf built to store your shoes if you have a lot of vertical space unused,' advises Craig Hoareau at APDO and A Tiny Mind London.

However, if you're going with shoe shelves, ensure they've been installed correctly and are strong and sturdy enough to hold your collection. 'The last thing you want is to overwhelm your shelves and have them collapse, and shoes can actually be heavier than we often think,' warns Oliver Boyle at TaskRabbit.

Other solutions include typical shoe racks or storing them in well-ventilated boxes. Keep it neat and tidy, especially if you're channelling your inner Carrie Bradshaw and opting for an open wardrobe idea.

Walk in wardrobe with wooden shelving and racks

(Image credit: Go Modern Furniture)

5. Ventilation is key

Regardless of whatever storage solution you opt for, Oliver Boyle at TaskRabbit urges that you prioritise ventilation in your space to minimise the risk of mould and damp forming, especially if your shoes get wet.

The last thing you want to uncover is your favourite pair of shoes ruined with signs of mould or damp.

Woman standing inside dark painted walk in wardrobe displaying clothes and shoes

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These are only a couple of things to consider if you're after the Carrie Bradshaw look to show off your shoe collection, but best believe they're reliable. Even better yet, if you want an even closer look at Carrie's apartment, a Sex and the City Pop-Up Experience is open now until the 25th of June on Regent Street in London for your viewing pleasure.

And Just Like That (sorry), you're well on your way to a Carrie Bradshaw-worthy wardrobe. 

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