Sophie Ellis-Bextor's brave carpet choice marries grandmillennial and cottagecore interiors

Design experts love its unique charm

Sophie Ellis-Bextor
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Sophie Ellis-Bextor is getting her much-deserved return to the spotlight following the release of Saltburn. The English old-money estate embraced a love for period features rich in detail, and the singer's own carpet choice is reflective of that same vintage-inspired flair which heavily caught our attention.

Recently, vintage and antique-esque home decor trends have undeniably had quite a surge in popularity. Not only is this style gaining speed through the likes of decorative furnishings, but also in flooring. Among carpet colour trends, especially, we're seeing more people opt for braver palettes and patterns alike. It's no wonder Sophie Ellis-Bextor has developed an appetite for this stairway carpet idea, too with her floral patterned carpet.

Johanna Constantinou, trends expert at Tapi Carpets explains that vintage and antique trends making a return to the interiors world is a subsequent result of people steering away from neutral schemes in a home – and the Murder on the Dancefloor singer's carpet is a celebration of just that.

'70s retro is a rising, more mainstream trend for 2024, coming on the back of micro trends such as grandmillennial and cottagecore which came to the fore in 2022 and 2023,' begins Daniel Prendergast, managing director at The Rug Seller.

This well-sought-after retro revival can be attributed to a combination of factors, including nostalgia, the steadfast appeal of timeless design, and a desire for homes to feel cosy and welcoming.

'This trend reflects a blending of the past with the present, celebrating design classics while embracing modern sensibilities,' explains Daniel. Something so prevalent within the singer's flooring tastes.

Living room with burgundy painted walls, fireplace, green armchair and vintage rug

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'Sophie's carpet choice has added character, warmth, and a sense of history to her overall ambience,' notes Johanna. While she's opted for a statement pattern, it's still slightly subdued due to the careful consideration of more muted colour combinations, which is what makes it so digestible – even for a bolder option.

Daniel explains that the key to nailing this vintage-inspired look as Sophie has is opting for retro patterns and 70s colours, as opposed to extremely vintage distressed antique rugs. 'The look and design of her carpet suits warm, earthy tones and deep nature-inspired colour palettes,' he says.

Dining room, dining table with velvet chairs, vintage carpet and gallery wall

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What's so great about choosing a carpet in this style is that it's a design that can be paired with just about anything. There's no set 'theme' necessary to sport this carpet choice, but rather just embracing a freeing mix of old and new, giving it a unique and charming feel.

Lucy Mather, interior expert at luxury home furniture and homewares store, Arighi Bianchi explains, 'Mixing vintage finds with new pieces is once again on the rise – from a sustainability perspective but also to seek out pre-loved investment pieces that will stand the test of time.'

Dining room with vintage carpet, woodburner fireplace, logs, dining table

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Johanna adds that doing this is a great way to become involved in the trend without committing completely. She suggests pairing a mid-century modern sofa with a vintage rug or incorporating antique accessories into a contemporary setting. By the looks of it, it's looking like it'll give your vintage living room ideas a run for your money.

'The popularity of Instagram and TikTok accounts sharing these styling ideas is testament to this design style's enduring appeal,' remarks Daniel.

That being said, the rise of vintage-inspired carpet and flooring is something we're keen to see more of, exploring its possibilities further. We'll likely be going down Sophie Ellis-Bextor's retro route for this one.

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