Stacey Solomon's new home fragrance collection will help you transition into cosy season

An affordable way to achieve the Pickle Cottage ambience

Stacey Solomon sad on bed next to wooden bedside table.
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Stacey Solomon is known for her ability to transform her home with the seasons, so it's no surprise that we're heading straight to buy her new home fragrance collection with Air Wick. 

Taking inspiration from her very own Pickle Cottage, the collection is aptly named 'Cosy Cottage', promising you the same warm and inviting atmosphere as Stacey's home. While the hot weather is lasting for longer than anticipated, the slight chill in the morning air has left us yearning for those cosy autumn evenings - and the scents to match. 

Stacey's collection with George Home has provided plenty of inspiration for dressing your home for the seasons without breaking the bank, but while the decor is essential for creating a specific ambience, home fragrance is the biggest unsung hero.

The scent in question, Cosy Cottage, is made up of a blend of Frosted Snowberry and Winter Rose and is available in a range of popular Air Wick formats, so whether you're looking for the perfect living room fragrance or you're even on the hunt for ways to subtly alter your home ready for winter, we think you'll love this affordable option. 

Top buy

The scent promises to envelop your living spaces with a sweet and floral scent, which is perfect for both living rooms and kitchens. Plus, it comes in a variety of different formats so you can choose different options to suit specific areas of the home. 

The Freshmatic Autospray Kit is our top buy as it takes the effort out of fragrancing your home. You simply place the device in a corner of any room and it periodically sprays, so your home is automatically scented 24/7. It lasts for approximately 70 days too, so a refill should last you a while. 

'I love the Air Wick Auto Sprays for keeping my home smelling fresh with absolutely no effort required from me. It's great how long-lasting the scents are and they're not too overpowering for everyday use,' says our Ecommerce Editor, Molly Cleary

Air Wick cosy cottage collection Stacey Solomon.

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'I just love everything about autumn,' says Stacey. 'It’s my favourite season to go into and really marks a new beginning for me, so I always like to add little touches to each room, making them feel warm and homey for the whole family. Whether it's popping one of my Freshmatic Autospray Kits in the living room or my brand-new Slow Release Air Freshener in the hallway, it’s the little things that make all the difference to me.'

'With Christmas and other holidays on the horizon, I think the Mist Diffuser is a lovely, affordable gift for friends and family that will bring even more cosiness into their home!'

The plug-in scented oil warmer kit is a no-brainer for achieving a cosy autumnal ambience too. Alongside the scented candle in the collection, you can create a snug feeling when cosied up on the sofa.  

Air Wick Cosy Cottage Essential Mist Aroma Kit | £11.39 at Amazon

Air Wick Cosy Cottage Essential Mist Aroma Kit | £11.39 at Amazon

The reed diffuserand aerosolwill also all be helpful for masking unpleasant odours and turning your bathroom into a mini-spa - there truly is an option for every room in your home.

Stacey Solomon sad on bed next to wooden bedside table.

(Image credit: Hill+Knowlton Strategies)

The Air Wick x Stacey Cosy Cottage collection is limited edition - so move fast! It's available in Asda, B&M, Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Poundland, Home Bargains and Amazon, so it's easy to pick up on your food shop or from the comfort of your sofa.

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