Wavy mirrors are the new ‘it’ trend for stylish walls – and we found 9 of the best to shop now

Wave goodbye to boring mirrors with these 9 playful, bold designs, one groovier than the next

A bedroom with a wavy mirror above the bed
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As curved forms and fluid shapes increasingly take over our homes, this current interior design direction spreads to more and more areas beyond the obvious like sofas, replacing the traditionally angular and geometric pieces. Mirrors included, which has given rise to the wavy mirror trend.

This playful home decor trend of mirrors with a wave-shaped framed has been popping up especially on social media as a popular selfie prop and a make-up tutorial or try-on haul accessory. Lucy Mather, design expert at Arighi Bianchi, points out, ‘It is because of the world’s obsession with selfies, tutorials and fashion hauls on TikTok and Instagram. Many wavy mirrors are featured as “selfie mirrors” – adding fun to photos and videos, inspiring audiences not only to favour the make-up or hair styling hack but the look for our homes as well.’

So if you too want to make your getting ready routine a little more fun, then investing in a wavy mirror is the perfect way to go about it, whether you opt for a full-length mirror or a smaller design to hang on the wall. And we found the best around whatever size you’re after at any budget.

Ribbed Wavy Full Length Leaner Mirror

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Best wavy mirrors

Wavy shapes are having a moment, from wavy headboards to wavy mirrors as we already started seeing at the end of last year with the M&S wavy-edge mirror. This trend can be credited to a number of things, from a general shift to more curved shapes to the 1970s revival.

‘Some wavy-shaped mirrors have designs reminiscent of past decades, particularly styles from the 1960s and 1970s, so some of this trend’s current popularity is stemming from the retro revival in interiors,’ Lucy explains.

So whether you want to embrace the playful side of the look, the retro 70s aesthetic or the curved interiors trend, these are the 9 wavy mirrors that are best to give this trend a go with.

Best full-length wavy mirrors

Best wall wavy mirrors

Best budget wavy mirrors

Why should you buy a wavy mirror?

A living room with a gallery wall, modern chair and a wavy mirror on the wall

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One of the most convincing benefits of wavy mirrors is that they’re quite simply fun. And fun and playfulness is something that’s being embraced and championed in homes and interiors more and more. And we love to see it.

‘They’re a way to add more playful upgrades to our homes – who doesn’t love the house of mirrors attraction at a fun fair - and decorative pieces that make our homes more personal and characterful,’ Lucy explains.

Sam Sutherland, Flitch interior stylist, adds, ‘Introducing wavy frames adds an element of visual interest and personality to these functional pieces, transforming them into captivating focal points within a space.’

Last year, it was all about the organic, asymmetric mirror trend. And the wavy mirror shape is just a more playful interpretation of the same sensibility.

‘The trend gained momentum in recent years as interior design embraced more fluid and playful shapes. Designers began experimenting with unconventional mirror frames, departing from the rigid geometric lines of conventional designs. The trend embodies a fusion of modern aesthetics and artistic expression, appealing to individuals seeking unique statement pieces for their spaces,’ Sam says.

Ribbed Wavy Overmantel Wall Mirror

(Image credit: Dunelm)

How to style a wavy mirror

Whether you’re looking for hallway mirror ideas or a piece for the bathroom, a wavy mirror can work in any room. But when it comes to styling a wavy mirror, it’s best to make it the focal point of the space.

‘I think with this kind of statement mirror, either go ‘big’ and have a large wavy shaped full-length mirror in a bedroom or hallway, or group lots of wavy mirrors on a feature wall or above an item of furniture such as a chest of drawers. It’s about creating a decorative focal point with a creative twist rather than having a mirror on a wall for functional reasons or to simply add the illusion of space,’ Lucy advises.

Are you team wavy mirror yet?

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