The White Company has brought this Y2K home fragrance essential back with a chic new look

Fragrancing your home has never been so easy with the new White Company plug-in diffuser

The White company plug in diffuser
(Image credit: The White Company)

In the 2000s, Glades motion sensor air fresheners were the latest thing in best home fragrances. However, the scent options and appearance left something to be desired, so imagine our surprise when we saw that The White Company' had revived the plug-in home fragrance tool and given it a chic new look with The White Company motion sensor plug-in diffuser.

Forget garish white packaging and sickly sweet scents, The White Company Motion sensor plug-in is a discreet white circular shape that blends into a wall. And in terms of fragrance, it includes a small bottle inside that can be filled with The White Company's range of fragrance oils which can be switched in and out.

The White Company motion sensor plug-in is the latest extension of The White Company's electronic diffuser range. In my opinion, it fills a vital hole that many traditional electronic diffusers have. 

First of all, it can be plugged into spots around the house that don't have a table, or in areas with high spill risks. Secondly, the motion sensor is a serious game-changer meaning you don't need to leave the diffuser constantly running to be met with a lovely waft of scent on entering a room.

The diffuser has two settings, the motion sensor which diffuses two bursts of scent into a room within two minutes of someone stepping into a room. The other setting acts more like a traditional diffuser releasing bursts of scent twice an hour, and then dropping down to once every two hours when the light in a room drops. 

The White company plug in diffuser

(Image credit: The White Company)

I was fortunate enough to test out the motion sensor diffuser over the weekend. The hardest part was finding a free plug socket in my home that wasn't blocked or hidden by a table. I had to do a bit of rearranging, but if you have a free plug socket in a hallway or living room that would be the ideal position as you need some space for the motion sensor to work properly. 

You had to fill the bottle inside using the fragrance oils, which is a little fiddly, but once filled it should last for six weeks. However, it does mean you have a lot of flexibility with the scents you use with the diffuser, so you can switch to The White Compay Autumn scents in September or stick to your favourites. Once that is set up, you simply plug in and go. 

The diffuser has a nice ambient light that comes on when the light in a room starts to drop for evening use, plus if you're like me it's a good reminder it's on at night! I filled mine with The White Company's Grapefruit and Mandarin scent and was delighted to be treated to a burst of fragrance every time I walked through the front door. 

The White company plug in diffuser

(Image credit: The White Company)

As a long-time user of electronic diffusers, I was always jealous that my guests would get the full benefit of walking into a scented hallway. But now without the need to turn it on and off, it feels like a real treat to be greeted home by my favourite scents.

The White Company Motion Sensor is priced at £65, making it one of the more affordable electronic diffusers in The White Company range. It is about the same price as one of The White Company's three-wick candles, which are some of the best candles on the market.

Buying this diffuser will help you save money as you will still need to shell out £10 on the fragrance oils every two months or so. However, if you are looking to cut down your spending on luxury candles this is a brilliant alternative.

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