Coloured baths are making a comeback - but don't panic, it's not how you'd imagine

The avocado sanitary ware set, reimagined

Blue bath in bathroom with white panelling behind it.
(Image credit: BC Designs)

For those who lived through the 80s, or perhaps moved into a property that hadn't been updated since, you're likely to be spooked by the idea of coloured bathroom fittings. We get it, white quickly became all the rage and we never looked back. Or so we thought... 

We're here to report that coloured sanitary ware is officially back in vogue, but not like you might think. Gone are the days of avocado toilet sets and carpet combinations - coloured baths have been reimagined as the ultimate stylish, on-trend and Instagram-worthy bathroom idea

Whether you want to make a statement with an effortlessly cool pink tub or create a serene green scheme with a tonal palette, there are so many ways to adapt coloured sanitary ware to meet the modern market. So what are you waiting for? It's time to reintroduce the look. 

Blue bath in bathroom with white panelling behind it.

(Image credit: BC Designs)

How to incorporate a coloured bath in a bathroom

When figuring out how to plan a bathroom design, colour is likely to be one of the first things you consider. Whether a white bathroom is top of your agenda, or you're prepared to expand your horizons with a blue bathroom look, there are ways to incorporate a coloured bath in a big or small way. 

'Homes are filled with colour; gone are the days when off-whites and magnolias dominated colour schemes. And as homeowners have become increasingly brave in their interior choices, that is spilling over into other areas of the home, including the bathrooms,' says Tom Weaver of bathroom and heating specialists Renaissance at Home.

'Increasingly, our customers want to use their bathrooms to create a centrepiece and opting for a coloured finish does exactly that.'

'We always ask clients our consider whether they want their bath to match the rest of the fixtures or contrast. They also need to consider how the room will be lit. Another key factor to consider is just how much surface area a bath has, the colour will bounce around the rest of the room,' Tom adds. 

1. Choose complimenting shades

Navy bathroom with wall panelling and blue bath.

(Image credit: Future PLC)

When planning a bathroom colour scheme, adding a coloured bath can form a great basis for an overall palette. One option is to follow a tonal look, for example, if you choose a bright blue bath then opting for navy wall panelling or paint will soften the impact. 

Colour drenching is the latest popular paint trick that involves using the same shade across an entire room for an all-encompassing look, so why not make it the next bathroom trend too?

'If you are going to pick colour sanitaryware, it is best to make this your ‘hero’ colour and design the rest of your bathroom around it, either choosing similar or complementing shades,' advises Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs.  

2. Make it a statement

Bathroom with pink freestanding bath and gold fittings.

(Image credit: BC Designs)

One way to include a coloured bath in a modern bathroom idea is to make it the standout feature. By maintaining a neutral palette in the rest of the bathroom design, the brightly coloured bath will be the centre of attention and will nicely balance the overall look. 

'One option is to make it your ‘colour pop’ and choose a neutral décor so that your eyes are firmly focused on your piece of sanitaryware. This is especially relevant if you have chosen your freestanding bath as your coloured piece, as it will generally be your most expensive item,' adds Barrie.

3. Don't be afraid to use colour in a small bathroom

Pink bathroom in green bathroom with tiled floor.

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Decorating a small bathroom can often leave you feeling like it's best to stick to a bright, neutral palette in order to make the room feel as spacious as possible. However, there are so many opportunities to add colour in a way that doesn't overwhelm the design. 

'Don’t be afraid to introduce a coloured bath to a small bathroom space,' says Richard Ticehurst, Burlington brand expert at Bathroom Brands Group. 'It can still look light and airy and the pop of colour injects personality and style for a playful twist.'

Our parting advice for including a coloured bath in your space is to be brave! Playful shades aren't as tricky to style as you would expect, and the final look is significantly more impactful than sticking to a 'safe' design. 

Holly Cockburn
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