Nick Grimshaw's bath has the internet talking - and it's the colour of the season

The perfect palette for relaxing in the tub

BC Designs green bathtub in traditional bathroom
(Image credit: BC Designs)

A bathroom is the ultimate spot for switching off after a long day and soaking in the tub, and one person we think has this absolutely nailed is Nick Grimshaw. 

The TV and radio presenter has recently taken to social media to share snippets of his home, which is parts eclectic and luxe. His bathroom, however, has a slither of an extravagant hotel-esque aesthetic which is brought down to earth by the pale sage green bath.  

Coloured baths are a symptom of 80s decor and have been subject to demolition when found in older properties (think avocado sanitary ware sets and carpet), but they're back in trend. However, this bathroom trend hasn't returned in a way that you might imagine. Instead of matching pastel toilets, sinks and baths, the focus has now turned to a subtle playful shade on a bath that acts as the standout piece. And Nick Grimshaw has got it just right. 

BC Designs green bathtub in traditional bathroom

(Image credit: BC Designs)

Nick Grimshaw's sage green bathtub

Nick Grimshaw's TikTok shows a tub in a pale shade of green that is almost not visible to the naked eye, but this is what makes it so effective. When trying to achieve a luxury bathroom design, subtle neutral shades work well to create a premium look. Plus, the palette is perfect for relaxing. 

But white can often look stark, so if you're more into characterful interiors then a lighter pastel colour is a stylish compromise and an easy way to make a green bathroom work for you.

'Coloured baths remain a popular trend. Since 2017, the use of colour in bathrooms has exploded and coloured baths are the trend evolving to be even more daring,' says Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs.

'Freestanding baths have featured on many a wish list and their popularity will continue to be a growing trend in 2024. These imposing bathtubs, resembling true works of art, stand out from traditional tubs as they don’t need to be embedded in the floor or against a wall. Choosing a coloured version only adds to the impact,' he adds. 

'There is also a shift in colour palette approaching as well. For 2024, our bathrooms will be strongly inspired by nature and the surrounding elements. Earth tones such as sage green, beige, and light brown will be widely used to create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere.'


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The rounded feet of the bath also garnered plenty of attention in the comments section of the TikTok. While claw feet are commonplace in freestanding bathtubs, they can be quite imposing with the metal tone. 

Instead, the rounded design of Nick's bath softens the overall look and contrasts perfectly against the gold accents of the room. 

'The feet are what are known as bun feet and can be added to the bath as an extra. They tend to feature best of baths that have soft curves as they replicate the curves all the way to the floor,' Barrie advises. 

'The result is a look that is different to typical freestanding baths which is what makes them so visual appealing and different.'

We predict this pale sage green shade is set to dominate bathrooms in 2024, so how are you going to incorporate into your space?

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