Boucle headboards are the latest 'it' bedroom trend – here are 6 stylish and timeless options

Boucle headboards are the latest trend keeping the much loved material relevant for 2024

Taupe Home Ivory Boucle Headboard Panel
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Boucle isn’t going anywhere anytime soon as the much-loved look is leaping from the living room to the bedroom, taking on the form of the breakout boucle headboard trend. And the pairing of the cosy, textured fabric and our headboards makes total sense.  

This new bedroom trend is making the luxe, tactile material relevant for 2024 and we’re so here for it. In the past couple of years, boucle found its place in the quiet luxurynhome decor trend, seen predominantly on stylish sofas and chairs.

But as this living room trend might be getting replaced with new ones this year, we’re happy to see boucle’s reincarnation into boucle headboards with a 250% increase in searches for the term in the past month. 

white bedroom with boucle headboard blue throw white bedding pendant light

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Best boucle headboards 2024

Even though the interest in boucle headboards is off the charts, finding a good one on the market is a bit of a challenge. But fear not, as we’ve scoured the internet and found 6 of the best boucle headboards to invest in if you’re liking this new headboard idea as much as we are.

Why should you buy a boucle headboard?

The boucle furniture trend has been around for a couple of years now and is showing no signs of stopping. Nick Drewe, trend expert at ecommerce platform, Wethrift, is attributing the popularity of the material to TikTok and the durability of the material.

‘This trend is being driven largely by TikTok, which has rapidly become a hub of, and main source of interior design inspiration for people across the globe. In fact, the #bouclefurniture hashtag has amassed a staggering 5.6 million views and counting, as people flock to the app to get some creative inspiration on how they can add a touch of boucle to their homes.’

He continues, ‘Boucle is made from looped wool or synthetic fibres, which gives it a textured appearance, making it perfect to add depth, layers, and additional texture around the home. The durability of the material, combined with its low liquid absorption makes it such a popular choice, due to how easy it is to clean, and how long the material will last.’

Manhattan Living Room in Nordic Oak

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And that’s also what makes it the perfect choice for a headboard material. 

‘Boucle headboards have experienced a notable surge in popularity recently, transitioning from being predominantly favoured in living room settings, specifically for sofas and accent chairs, to becoming a sought-after choice in bedroom decor,’ says Alex Stubbs, Flitch interior stylist.

‘The emerging popularity seems to be anchored in a perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and versatility. The soft and textured nature of bouclé provides a comforting experience in the bedroom, aligning with the growing emphasis on creating cosy home sanctuaries. Its luxurious aesthetic, reminiscent of boutique hotel experiences, adds a timeless touch of opulence to bedroom decor.’

How to style a boucle headboard?

As previously mentioned, one of the main benefits of using a boucle finish on a headboard is its versatility. Boucle usually comes in neutral shades, which are easy to pair with any style of home decor. And its tactile finish creates both an elevated and cosy look. 

daals Archer Taupe Boucle Ottoman Storage Bed

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‘For a serene and elegant ambiance, pair the boucle headboard with a neutral colour palette for the bedding and surrounding decor,’ Alex suggests. ‘ Alternatively, make a bold statement by contrasting the headboard with vibrant and striking colours for a modern look.’ 

Boucle really can go either way. But one non-negotiable is embracing the texture of the material. If you're looking to double down on the buttery soft bouclé vibe the perhaps pair with a matching furniture, like the cult Primark bouclé tub chair. Otherwise, get ready to texture clash.

‘Embrace the unique texture of boucle by mixing it with other textures such as smooth surfaces, metal accents, or different fabrics, such as velvet or linen, to add depth to the design,’ Alex continues. ‘To complement the warmth and texture of bouclé, introduce natural elements like wooden furniture or indoor plants, creating a harmonious and inviting bedroom space.’

We’re feeling all cosy and cocooned just thinking about it.

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