Primark is selling an almost identical version of the viral Stanley cup – and it’s only £8

The repeatedly sold-out Stanley cup has a Primark lookalike – available for a fraction of the original price

Stanley Quencher H2.O FlowState™ Tumbler
(Image credit: Amazon)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you’re sure to have heard of the Stanley cup that’s going viral on TikTok. The travel tumbler is a status symbol at this point, which regularly sells out and causes physical fights to break out over its limited drops. So it’s no surprise that other retailers are producing Stanley cup dupes to get in on the action, with Primark included.

Loved for its extra-large size with a capacity of 40 ounces, which amounts to 1.1 litres, the Stanley cup has become a beloved kitchen trend, as well as a trusted hydration companion for the gym, the office and the road. And it's only showing how invested people have become when it comes to their appliances and other utilitarian accessories, as also demonstrated by Lidl's trendy leopard-print kettle.

Fitted with a handle, a reusable straw and a rotating lid, the Stanley cup is also equipped with vacuum insulation which is what keeps your cold drink icy cold and hot drinks nice and warm for hours on end. But now, most don’t really care about its fancy abilities but rather after its instantly recognisable robust look. And an almost identical lookalike for just £8 can assist in that. In fact, the Primark dupe is becoming almost just as popular as the original.

Primark’s Stanley cup dupe

The Stanley Quencher H2.O FlowState Tumbler - as is its full name and which is available on Amazon for £47.39 or more, depending on the colour - reached its viral stardom after a TikTok video by @danielle with over 9 million likes showed the cup intact in a destroyed car that had previously caught on fire - and the stainless steel tumbler still had ice inside it.


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The many raving customer reviews further support it's impressive credentials, as one Amazon reviewer wrote, ‘When I say this cup will keep your drink cold! I mean it will keep it cold! I left ice in mine for over 24 hours in the house too and it was still ice when I came to empty it! Very sturdy. Huge. And lovely looking!’

A spokesperson at Lakeland, one of the retailers that stocks the famous cup, says, 'It’ll come as no surprise of the popularity of the Stanley tumblers we are stocking, we initially put these on pre-order, nearly selling out before the stock even landed! We have gone on to sell out since, just restocking recently but selling fast! The flip straw cup seems to be particularly going down a treat for the really popular colour rose quartz and the leak proof design.'

The popularity of the cup has also resulted in several accessories being developed, such as an attachable snack bowl like this one from Amazon, and many dupes as well.

Primark’s homeware products have been hitting the spot lately – whether it’s the brand’s boucle headboard that is quickly selling out or its new boucle tub chair that’s on our wish lists at the moment.


♬ original sound - Primark

And the Primark Stainless Steel Travel Mug, which is the perfect dupe for the Stanley Quencher, is no exception. The budget-friendly retailer shared a video on its TikTok in December of the travel mug and it’s attracted almost 3 million views and many purchases. 

But while there are many similarities between the two, there are also differences. 

They are both made from stainless steel, equipped with a handle and a reusable straw, the Primark version comes with a stainless steel straw, while the Stanley cup has a clear plastic one. The Primark mug is also smaller with a capacity of 590ml or 20 ounces, which is half of the Stanley cup’s capacity. But it’s worth pointing out that the Stanley cup also comes in different sizes, it’s just that the 40-ounce size is the most popular.

Nonetheless, these differences haven’t stopped the masses from including the £8 travel mug in their Primark hauls.

But as lovely as this Primark dupe is, if you haven’t got a physical store near you and prefer to shop online (which Primark doesn’t allow, unfortunately), then we found a few more trusty lookalikes of the Stanley cup that are available online.

If nothing else, this trend should keep you sufficiently hydrated.

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