8 cottagecore bedroom ideas - how to add whimsy and rustic charm to your boudoir

Create a soft and cosy atmosphere to relax and recharge in

Pink bedroom
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When it comes to creating a relaxing retreat, cottagecore – the trend which first appeared on the scene a few years ago – is one aesthetic which lends itself perfectly to bedrooms. From the cosy and textured materials to the serene nature-inspired colour palette and focus on vintage and preloved pieces, cottagecore bedroom ideas are quickly becoming a classic.

So, if you’re thinking about giving your bedroom a makeover ready for the spring and summer months or are simply looking for some bedroom decor inspiration, we've rounded up the best ways to style the cottagecore trend with insider tips from the experts for making it work in a bedroom. 

‘Unlike minimalist styles, cottagecore is all about maximalism and embraces a mix of patterns, textures, oversized pieces, and colours,’ explains Bensons for Beds’ Senior Buyer, Lauren Jacques. And we can’t get enough of the sweet, rustic bedroom idea.

Cottagecore bedroom ideas

‘As a place of relaxation and refuge, the bedroom is a natural fit for this aesthetic, allowing many opportunities to mirror the rural world through pretty textiles, soft colours, and natural materials,’ according to Amanda Castle, Marketing Manager at Hypnos.

Here are 8 of the easiest and most effective ways to embrace all things cottagecore in your bedroom, regardless of your budget or how much room you have to play with.

1. Pick pale pink

Pink bedroom

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At the heart of this trend is the bedroom colour scheme. ‘In a cottagecore style bedroom, incorporating pale pink painted furniture can infuse a delicate charm and a touch of whimsy into the space,’ suggests Kate Palmer, Creative Director at The Painted Furniture Company.

Pale pink more generally ‘resonates with the soft, rustic aesthetics of country cottage decor, evoking notions of vintage charm and tranquillity,’ Kate continues. ‘The gentle hue adds a subtle warmth and femininity, complementing the natural elements often found in cottagecore style interiors, such as wood accents and floral patterns.’ Complement it with soft neutrals like ivory, cream, or sage green.

2. Or choose soft, neutral colours

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If pink isn’t your thing, don’t despair. ‘The cottagecore colour palette traditionally uses muted, neutral shades as a base for bolder patterns and pops of colour,’ explains Melissa Denham, Interior Design Expert at Hammonds Furniture. Again, it’s important to take inspiration from the types of colours that are found in nature. In addition to creams and greens, soft shades of blue, yellows and chocolate browns also work well.

However, you don’t want to ‘overdo it with a riot of colour and print,’ warns furn.com’s Room Styling Expert, Suzi Samaddar. ‘The overall effect should be warm and cosy, not overly cluttered or overwhelming.’ So, ideally, you’re looking for the room to look more like a meadow, than a wild jungle, with the colours and prints that you choose.

3. Focus on natural finishes and materials

Layered throws on bed

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The cottagecore aesthetic is all about bringing nature indoors, so it is no surprise that natural finishes and materials are key. If you’re looking to add a few new pieces of furniture, try buying secondhand furniture and keep an eye out for wood, rattan, wicker and wrought iron for that authentic cottage-style feel.

‘These materials evoke a sense of craftsmanship and add authenticity to your cottage interior design,’ reveals Tapi Carpets & Floors’ Interior Trends Expert, Johanna Constantinou.

4. Embrace vintage and preloved furniture

Floral curtain in bedroom

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Not only can it be more sustainable and give you a chance to add unique pieces to your bedroom design, shopping secondhand or vintage can also save you money, as opposed to buying an item brand new. It may even make your money go further with what you’re able to find, as well. And when you do find the perfect vintage piece, it’s important to showcase these items.

For example, ‘if you’ve inherited a distressed wood bureau or antique-style bedside table, this needs to become the hero of your room,’ according to Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice.

You can also upcycle or enhance existing pieces or ones that you’ve found at a local charity shop or market. And ‘try not to be too uniform in your choices,’ Catharina Björkman, Interiors Expert at Contura, remarks. ‘Cottagecore is more about curating an eclectic range of pieces.’ And this is when shopping secondhand, preloved or vintage can help you to do so with ease.

5. Add a headboard in a charming pattern

Floral headboard

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One of the biggest focal point opportunities in a bedroom is the headboard and it’s also a piece of furniture that can lean into the cottagecore trend. If you currently have a plain headboard, you can transform your headboard ideas by reupholstering it in a floral, striped, gingham or nature-inspired print. Or why not, switch yours out for a rattan or wrought iron option?

‘It can really set the tone of your cottagecore room,’ Marie Goodwin, Head Designer at Prestigious Textiles, confirms. There are also plenty of pre-made options to choose from. 

6. Mix materials and textiles for a cosy feel

Piglet in Bed Gingham Wool Blanket Ochre

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‘A combination of natural fabrics - think fresh white cotton and waffle bedding, woollen throws, and sheer curtains - will instil an airy, pastoral quality to the room,’ affirms Gareth Coxall, Creative Director at Terrys. And by layering these textures and materials you’ll be able to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long day.

If you’re a fan of crafting, this can also be a great opportunity for you to showcase some of your designs, such as crocheted throws, knitted cushions and needlepoints. Honestly, what could be more cottagecore than a handcrafted throw?

7. Keep lighting soft

green panelled walls and upholstered bed in cottage bedroom

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To complement the cottagecore look embrace soft bedroom lighting ideas.

Think tapered candles in ornate candle holders, lanterns, vintage-style lamps and even fairy lights. It’s all about creating a soft and cosy ambience. ‘Using a collection of softer lighting options will create a more natural light and will provide the all-important elements of layers, warmth and texture,’ Catharina declares.

8. Make a statement with wallpaper

Blue wallpaper and white furniture

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‘Within the realm of cottagecore interiors, wallpaper plays a pivotal role in transforming spaces,’ explains James Mellan-Matulewicz, CEO and Creative Director at Bobbi Beck. And there are plenty of wallpaper ideas, depending on your personal preference. 

But if you’re not sure where to start, ‘simple repeated patterns make for the ideal cottagecore wallpaper designs, leaving you with an interior decor layout that strikes a balance between minimalism and maximalism,’ says Jamie Robinson, Installation Manager at Value Doors. We personally adore vintage-inspired floral patterns and pastoral scenes.


Are there any rules to follow when it comes to cottagecore?

While there aren’t really any set rules when it comes to the cottagecore aesthetic, there are a few things that you should bear in mind as you decorate. ‘Ideally, you want to avoid synthetics, bright and bold statement colours and instead opt for vintage botanical and floral patterns, which you can easily introduce through cushions, throws and bed linen,’ Amanda concludes.

Cottagecore is very much still on trend, with the hashtag having around two million posts on TikTok. And ‘its enduring appeal suggests that it may stick around for a while,’ says Online Sofa Shop’s Sofa Expert, Jeannette Hudson. 

James agrees with this. ‘The enduring allure of cottagecore lies in its timeless and sustainable qualities, making it more than a passing trend. As a design movement that encapsulates a desire for a slower pace of life, cottagecore is poised to linger as a cherished and enduring interior aesthetic.’

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