15 rustic bedroom ideas - how to get that relaxed and natural vibe

Use natural materials and earthy tones for the perfect cocooning sleep space

Bedroom with wrought iron bed and floral wallpaper
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When designing your bedroom there are, of course, all manner of styles you can look to for inspiration. One of the most enduring has to be rustic bedroom ideas, which offer a comfortingly and restorative atmosphere.

With bedroom ideas the ultimate aim is always to create a perfect space for rest. Colours of nature and natural materials help soothe our (often frazzled) minds. So where rest and relaxation are concerned, rustic bedroom decor is ideal. 

Although similar to purely country-inspired looks, these spaces are equally at home in contemporary urban homes as rural. 'Creating a rustic bedroom is proving really popular at the moment, and it’s a look that is cosy, relaxed and feels effortless,' notes Emma Deterding, Founder, Kelling Designs. 'It blends the boundaries between urban, city living and that rural country feel, and brings character, charm and warmth with it.'

Rustic bedroom ideas

This style tends to let nature's natural beauty shine through, so rugged materials such as reclaimed wood, chunky wool and wicker feature heavily in rustic bedroom ideas. 

Mixed with leafy greens, sky blues and earthy tones these create a nature-inspired sleep haven, perfect whether in large sleep zones or small bedroom ideas

1. Add depth with wall panelling

Neutral bedroom with white wall panelling

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Depth and texture are key to rustic bedroom ideas. A modern way to incorporate these are through the use of wall panelling.

'The overall scheme should be gentle and soft, so when it comes to walls and floors, choose a neutral base that has a soothing quality and relies on exposed wooden floors and panelling to bring depth with texture,' advises Dani Taylor, Creative Director, Cox & Cox.

2. Bring in floral patterns

White bedroom with bay window, floral curtains and wrought iron bed

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One of the easiest ways to bring a rustic look into a space is through the use of floral patterns. Think curtains, blinds and bedding. Team with plain walls and floors to both help the patterns to pop and stop the space from transforming into full-blown cottage core.

3. Use lighting to add an industrial edge

White bedroom with twin beds and wall hung lighting

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The feeling behind rustic bedroom ideas is more about the earthy no-nonsense side of rural life rather than genteel country house twee. This is where the industrial edge  to the style comes into play. 

A simple way to bring this into your space is through your consider this aspect with your bedroom lighting. Think metal, heavy-duty wall lights or pendants. Bulkhead lighting can work well with this look, too.

4. Bring in unexpected materials

Grey bedroom with exposed brick feature wall

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Natural materials are key to the success of rustic styling. As well as the usual suspects of wood and wool, think towards other elements. Take your bedroom walls to the next level by opting for exposed brick. This works well as a feature wall, or simply to highlight an architectural point of interest, such as a chimney breast.

If real bricks are too much of a commitment, you can always go faux. Brick effect wallpaper, available at B&Q is a perfect way to experiment with the look.

5. Keep things in the neutral zone

Neutral bedroom with white wooden bed

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Rustic style is calming as it echos the tones and textures of nature, so stay within a muted colour palettes and neutral bedroom ideas.

'Our bedrooms are our very own personal sanctuaries, it’s where we go to recharge and relax at the end of each day and prepare for the next. We believe these spaces should exude a sense of calm, with natural textiles and rustic textures that create a feeling of softness,' says Sally Wilkie, co-founder, Home Barn.

'When designing a rustic bedroom ideas opt for a limited colour palette. By working with neutral shades including creams, whites and pale beige tones, a pared-back yet elegant space can be achieved.'

'Introduce wooden accents, like a reclaimed bench or bedside table for added character – these salvaged pieces will have their own unique story to tell and will add a richness to your scheme.'

6. Consider your flooring

Yellow bedroom with wall panelling, wooden floor and floral bedding

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Timber flooring features heavily in rustic bedroom ideas for good reason. Rather than stopping there, use this as an opportunity to add more textures. 

Sisal rugs are a great choice as they're not only soft underfooot, but they have a relaxed, earthy aesthetic that perfectly suits rustic style and its mix of natural golden tones will add warmth to your bedroom. 

'Rustic bedrooms ideas can sometimes feel a little cold, so I always advise bringing warmth to the look through rich, earthy colours,' says Claire Hornby at Barker and Stonehouse

7. Choose a wrought iron bed

Bedroom with wrought iron bed and floral wallpaper

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A wrought iron bed is the perfect choice for rustic bedroom ideas, checking off both the industrial and textured elements. Contrast against floral patterns to even out the edge factor, and make the whole scheme feel a little more vintage.

8. Mix and match patterns

Cream bedroom with blue gingham blinds and floral bedlinens

(Image credit: Future PLC/Rachael Smith)

'Capture the essence of the English countryside through natural and earthy shades,' says Nicola Brumfitt, marketing director at Prestigious Textiles. 'Use a mix of fabrics to create a cosy bedroom and brighten it up with accents of flora and fauna. Conversational prints and classic checks are perfect for a country cottage feel.' 

9. Whitewash timber-clad walls

white bedroom with white wall panelling and soft blue accents

(Image credit: Future / Dominic Blackmore)

To create a cabin-in-the-woods style rustic bedroom decor, clad your walls with timber and give a section of it a whitewash for a fresh modern bedroom ideas feel. 

Against this backdrop, include Shaker style wooden furniture, a chunky oatmeal rug and botanical prints on your bed linen to wake up with nature wherever you live.

10. Add stable door shutters

Wood clad bedroom with distressed walls, woven bed and faux fur throw

(Image credit: Future / Polly Eltes)

Barn conversions are popular renovation projects in rural locations for good reason and many incorporate charming ideas influenced by their surroundings. We love these salvaged stable doors being used as shutters and old floorboards for wall cladding.

Whether you live in a barn, cottage, flat or house, scour salvage yards and junk shops to see what treasures you can repurpose for your rustic bedroom ideas. 

11. Introduce homespun materials

Country-style bedroom with blue-striped wallpaper, wicker hamper as bedside table and wooden bed

(Image credit: Future / David Brittain)

There's a homespun feel to rustic style that harks back to traditional crafts. So simple additions such as a wicker trunk and chunky knit baskets that hint at being handmade will add rustic bedroom ideas to your space. They're much more charming than standard bedroom storage ideas too. 

'When it comes to accessories opt for linens and other tactile materials,' says Sally from Home Barn. 'Vintage glass bottles can be used for fresh flowers or as candle holders, these small yet impactful details will add organic charm and interest to your rustic bedroom scheme.'

12. Choose textured surfaces

White rustic bedroom with smart wood bedhead, wooden chest of drawers and natural rug

(Image credit: Future / David Brittain)

For rustic bedroom decor choose furniture made from timber that's rough sawn, reclaimed or finished with oil or wax. This gives a more rugged and less polished appearance than varnish or lacquer.

Mix with other similarly toned textures such as bamboo, rattan or wicker and intersperse with cotton, linen and wool accessories in shades of white, beige and grey for balance.  

'Styling your space with aged wooden grains will transform any bedroom into a truly rustic retreat,' says Claire from Barker and Stonehouse. 'Distressed wooden furnishings suit this look to a tee and the more mismatched the better, bringing a considered, yet eclectic feel to the space.' So when planning how to arrange furniture in a bedroom, take the finish of each piece into consideration.

13. Look to a charming polka dot

Cream bedroom with upholstered linen bedhead and wooden bedroom furniture

(Image credit: Future / Simon Whitmore)

A quintessentially country pattern has to be the humble polka dot. This easy print works beautifully in rustic spaces and adds interest without overwhelming the space or making it seem too busy. In smaller spaces, choose a larger dot otherwise you'll make the room seem even more petite.

14. Make a headboard with reclaimed timber

light grey bedroom with distressed wood headboard

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Young)

For truly homespun rustic bedroom ideas, you could go back to basics and build your own bed. In their book Pallet Style, £9.94, Amazon, authors Nikkita Palmer and Billy Barker show how to make a platform bed from discarded wooden pallets. 'It's a simple project that can be carried out by all abilities of DIYer,' says Nikkita. 

As well as providing rustic bedroom decor, making a bed from reclaimed timber pallets makes furnishing your bedroom super-cheap too. Pallet ideas aren't just for the garden, and will give a great rustic finish to a bedroom

15. Freshen the feel with green stripes

Cabin bedroom with wall panelling

(Image credit: ILIV)

Classic green and white striped cotton or linen fabrics introduced through blinds, bedding or cushions are a beautiful way to accessorise through rustic bedroom decor, as they bring a freshness to the warmth of wood. They work to create a warm, inviting feel so are great for guest bedroom ideas

'Many of us long to create a peaceful space to relax and unwind after a busy day and the simplicity of the Portland collection helps do just that,' says Debbie Leigh, design manager, ILiv. 'It's beautifully versatile and can create a comfortable easy-breezy style. Rustic furniture pieces, wood panelling and simple soft furnishings will all complement this look perfectly.' 

How can I make my bedroom look rustic?

It's possible achieve rustic bedroom ideas, even if the space doesn't have original timber beams, by using rugged wood in the decor. This can either be with timber cladding on the walls or through reclaimed wooden furniture. So rustic bedroom ideas can be used whatever type of home you live in, from new builds to townhouses.

'If you have a neutral design scheme in your bedroom, then you can easily bring a rustic feel through the use of layering,' says Emma from Kelling Designs. 'Introduce layers of tactile materials, from linen sheets and wool throws, to touches of wood and stone on furniture pieces such as bedside tables. Play with rich earthy tones and warm neutrals - think taupes, tans, browns, greys and hints of terracotta - as they’ll add warmth to the space and stop it from feeling flat. 

How do you make a modern room look rustic?

'If you prefer cleaner lines, go for rattan furniture and accessories because the simple, honest material works the same way as reclaimed material, promoting a laid-back tone central to a rustic look,' advises Dani from Cox and Cox. For a modern edge, minimise vintage-inspired accessories unless they're of a modern design.'

'For example, a modern mid-century leather-framed chair works just as well as a traditional tub chair when contrasting with leather. Floral pattern adds a country cottage rustic look, so when it comes to soft furnishings, keep the look plain for a modern edge and opt for sheepskin or natural jute over patterned designs with your rugs.'


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