Gingham bedding is the must-have of the year that’s both timeless and on trend – here are 6 affordable sets to shop now

6 of the best gingham bedding sets that are both timeless and trendy – as inspired by cult brand Piglet in Bed

Gingham bedding
(Image credit: Piglet in Bed)

The best gingham bedding is turning out to be the most covetable bedroom must-have of 2024 – and we’re not surprised because it’s both a charming and timeless motif to incorporate into your home. 

While you might associate the pretty chequered pattern solely with the summer season and red gingham often thought of as a Christmas motif, all of 2024 is set to be the year of the gingham bedding.

This bedroom trend is inspired by cult brand Piglet in Bed which first introduced its range of gingham bedding a couple of years ago, marking the company’s first attempt at patterned bed linen. Almost immediately, the range went viral on TikTok with some videos amassing over 6 million views, which resulted in a gingham unit sold every 6 minutes at its peak.

But it’s the versatility that we love most about gingham bedding. And even though it is a major trend, gingham is something that will never go out of style. It could easily be dubbed the new neutral as its simple pattern goes with pretty much anything and therefore is very easy to style and pair with other styles – whether you’re into a vintage look or contemporary design. 

Gingham bedding

(Image credit: Piglet in Bed)

Best gingham bedding 2024

We love the OG Piglet in Bed gingham bedding that started it all but its one downside is the rather high price tag. Which is why we’re so happy to report that we found 6 other very comparable gingham bedding sets on the high street which are just as stylish but won’t break the bank.

Why should you buy gingham bedding?

While the gingham bedding trend is not brand new to 2024, it is quickly turning into a timeless look that we don't see going anywhere any time soon. Which is why the high street is getting on board with its more affordable takes on the look.

Rhiannon Johns, trained interior designer and head of brand at Piglet in Bed, attributes its popularity to the cottagecore trend. ‘Since the emergence of cottagecore in the last few years, the gingham print that we know and love - first developed in India and Indonesia and then popularised by the Dutch and the English in the 18th century - has taken the interior world by storm, with a 38% uplift in searches for “gingham print” already this year.’

As previously mentioned, the power of gingham lies in its timelessness and versatility, which is why it has such a wide appeal. And why it will still look just as good years from now when the ‘craze’ is over.

Mix-matched gingham bedding

(Image credit: Shades of Cool London)

‘The classic chequered pattern of gingham really makes it a design chameleon, seamlessly adapting to various interior styles from farmhouse chic to modern minimalism,’ says Angel Skillman, designer and founder of Shades of Cool London.

 ‘The simplicity of the pattern, as it usually only includes white and one other colour, allows for easy integration into any existing decor, and means it can be mixed and matched with bold patterns and so many colours. Gingham also effortlessly blends with both classic and contemporary design elements, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a timeless yet on-trend addition to their interiors this 2024.’

Fatima Khan, Sukun founder and textiles designer, agrees, ‘Gingham is such a timeless and classic design so it's no wonder that we're going to see it everywhere, especially in bedding this year. Gingham offers tradition and simplicity,  making it a timeless choice for bedding thanks to the effortlessness it takes to style it.' 

The geometric design creates a sense of order and the earthy hues usually chosen for gingham bring beautiful harmony to a bedroom, contributing to a calming and comfortable atmosphere. In recent years, there has also been a resurgence in classic and nostalgic design elements, and gingham fits perfectly into this trend.’ 

How to style gingham bedding?

With gingham bedding you can either go all out - all gingham - or embrace the mix and match bedding trend.

‘It's all about mixing and matching here, but the final result is effortless,’ Angel explains. ‘You can either choose a colour theme, where you choose one colour and layer several tones and hues (such as all greens and whites) with your duvet, throw and cushions, or alternatively choose a more neutral gingham such as beige and white, and layer pops of colour from your throw and scatter cushions.’

Mix-matched gingham bedding

(Image credit: Shades of Cool London)

But even if you mix different bedding sets, you don’t necessarily have to go crazy and instead keep it simple and clean.

‘One of my personal favourite ways to style gingham is to mix it with solid colours for a layered and dynamic look,’ Fatima says. ‘Consider using a pair of classic white pillow cases and flat sheet combined with a gingham duvet cover and pillowcase pair for a striking yet luxurious look and feel.’

Now, we can’t wait to sleep through the year wrapped in charming gingham. What a year ahead!

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