The mix-and-match bedding trend is the easiest way to make your bedroom look expensive

There's no such thing as too much colour

Piglet in Bed colourful yellow bedding on bed.
(Image credit: Piglet in Bed)

We can't ignore the allure of a fresh white bedding set but in an era of dopamine decorating, colourful mix-and-match bedding sets are the latest, and easiest, way of making your bedroom look expensive. 

Everyone wants a bedroom scheme that mimics the look and feel of a luxury hotel interior, and one way to level up the premium appeal is with high-quality bed linens. Layers of fabrics, no matter the material, will give your bed that ready-to-jump-into appeal that will have you dreaming of bedtime. And the one way to make this even better? Colour, and lots of it. 

How to achieve the mix-and-match bedding trend

The beauty of this trend is that while you can certainly invest in the best duvet covers to spruce up your bedroom design, you can also lean on what you already own to achieve the look for less. 

In short, the best thing about this trend is it's entirely about what you make of it. From pattern and colour to texture, you can have as much or as little of each thing as you desire. Regardless of the bedding combination you choose, you're guaranteed to achieve an expensive-looking bedroom destined for relaxing in.

Our favourite mix-and-match bedding bundles

When it comes to buying bed linen, choosing the right materials that will aid your sleeping routine (keeping you cool and comfortable) is just as important as the price you pay. So where should you buy bedding? We've rounded up a couple of our favourite bedding sets that look just as stylish on their own as they would combined with a different colour, pattern or texture.

1. Focus on colour

Piglet in Bed colourful yellow bedding on bed.

(Image credit: Piglet in Bed)

A bedroom should be a tranquil space to switch off in, but we also want our private spaces to reflect our personalities and act as a joyful space to showcase plenty of colour. 

While colourful bedding sets wouldn't have been seen in hotel-esque interiors in the past, by combining multiple shades within one look you suddenly have a super high-end aesthetic. 

'Mix-and-match bedding is all about being playful and creative with your bedroom décor. For too long, people - though especially women - were told how they should dress their homes as if there is a one size fits all approach,' says Jessica Hanley, founder of Piglet in Bed

'Combining contrasting colours and patterns gives a space visual interest, and using different textures and materials is an easy way to add depth. You can choose a mix of vibrant colours to create a statement, or opt for complementary neutrals to create a calm and serene bedtime atmosphere.' 

2. Look to texture

Shades of Cool London bedding on bed.

(Image credit: Shades of Cool London)

From linen to cotton and seersucker, there are an abundance of bedding set textures to choose from. The material will have a huge impact on how your bed feels to sleep in, but it's also a simple way to add dimension to an overall design. 

'Don't forget about Texture! Incorporating texture can be as important as patterns,' says Angel Skillman, textile designer and founder of Shades of Cool London.

'Texture, such as a knitted or quilted throw, can complement your patterned bedding and add layers, depth and luxury to the overall look as well as adding different fabric textures, such as linens, cotton or wool. Ultimately your bedroom is your haven and a reflection of your personal style, so feel free to experiment and have fun!'

3. The more pattern, the better!

Piglet in Bed mix and match bedding on bed

(Image credit: Piglet in Bed)

The final step to curating the perfect mix-and-match bedding scheme is to go all out on pattern. Large and small patterns will contrast for the ultimate considered-yet-casual look, while prints in entirely different colour schemes will add interest. 

'To maintain balance, it's really important that no single element overwhelms the entire design. For instance, if you choose a bold eye-catching pattern for your duvet cover, balance it with  more subdued pillowcases and sheets. Or if your base is already patterned, introduce solid colour blocks or neutrals to create visual breaks and cohesion,' recommends Fatima Khan, founder of Sukun.

Most importantly, it's important to mix and match colours and patterns that overall reflect your personality and interior taste, and they're bound to complement each other perfectly. 

'And remember,' Fatmina adds, 'the goal is to create a space that's not only visually pleasing but also comfortable.' 

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