Siblings who share rooms – how to create the divide

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  • Create a room divide without dividing your kids with these easy tricks

    Sharing a room with a sibling from a young age can be a great life lesson – you learn to divvy everything up which makes for generous children, you know your sibling inside out and you get to spend every moment of every day with your best friend.

    Alternatively, shared sleeping quarters can be cramped war zones. If you have two monsters who are chalk and cheese, different sexes or different ages, the division can be difficult.

    Here are a few simple solutions to get over the drama and maximise the most of the floor space…

    Different decor

    Your kids may have to share the same room, but that’s as far as it has to go. If you have one messy, one tidy, one boy, one girl, one explorer and one ballerina then fill the room with entirely different furniture. Give each child a different bed, covers, seat and desk, so although they’re in the same room, they’re in completely different designs.

    Matching set

    Or, to avoid fights, keep everything the same. This usually works best if your children are twins, the same sex and into the same things, but if not then keep a neutral palette. It makes decorating easy, buying easy and no one can fight over what’s theirs if it’s all the same.

    Maximise flooring

    Bunk beds maximise the most of the floor space, which is important when you have double the clothes, toys and personality in a room. It also means that siblings can operate in different spheres. If you are particularly generous parents, allow the kids to decorate the horizons differently, contrasting bedding and polar colour schemes.

    Divide with desks

    Siblings who share rooms have to sleep together, dress together and play together, so it is healthy to give them some space to themselves. This works great with individual desks so they can complete homework on their own, colour individually and read in peace.

    Personalised places

    So you don’t get into ‘but that’s mine’ rounds every week, personalise everything you can. Fun wall art, bedding embroidery and even painted bed signs are all great ways to show the divide in the room, whilst keeping everything else the same. Also, the siblings retain their own identities.

    Privy chambers

    Box bunks are a great way to utilise space – they are much like normal bunks, but provide a little den of personal space. Encourage kids to decorate the inside of their box in their own drawings, artwork and bedding designs whilst keeping everything outside of that space the same.

    Twin room

    If you’ve had baby twins then why not keep them together? At such a young age, it doesn’t matter if they’re different sexes. Keep everything multicoloured in animal and alphabet designs which can be updated with pops of pink and blue if you wish.

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