Christmas gonks for 2021 – ideas for styling seasonal gnomes around the home

The new must-have Christmas character to welcome to your homes for festive fun
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  • Gonks were the most in demand Christmas accessory of last year, set to be even bigger for 2021! Seriously, last year in the run up to Christmas they were like gold dust. No sooner had you found the one you wanted to welcome into your home and it was gone – quicker than you could say ‘son of a nutcracker!’.

    To stay ahead of the curve we’ve been on the look for where to buy these popular festive must-haves and explore how to style them around the entire home.

    Here’s where you to buy the best of these little characters this festive season…

    Christmas gonks: display ideas

    1. Stand a Christmas gonk outside to greet guests

    Christmas gonk outside on a wood pile

    Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

    What a way to extend a friendly warm welcome. This adorable ‘Lady Gonk’ design is holding a present, to extend even more of a welcome. The standing figuring is ideal to place beside the front door to greet guests.

    Of course if you don’t have a sheltered porch area, out of the wind and rain, it would be just as welcome next to a TV unit or bedside the Christmas tree even – both festive focal points for sure!

    Buy now: Festive field Lady Gonk Figure, £25, John Lewis & Partners

    2. Dress the walls and windows

    Gnome window stickers for Chrsitmas

    Image credit:

    Festive decorating is taking over walls and windows this year, thanks to the many brilliant stickers available. These adorable Christmas gonks are perfect for a friendly Christmas window decorating idea.

    The set of Scandinavian Gnome stickers are easy to pop on the window panes to extend your decorating scheme, from indoors to out. The stickers are also ideal for walls to welcome festive fun to living room walls. Made from soft PVC static cling vinyl are reposition-able and reusable, so they can be used year after year.

    Buy now: Reusable Gnome Trio Window Decorations, £36.99,

    3. Hang Christmas gonk decorations

    grey felt gnome tree decoration

    Image credit:

    This charming Grandpa Gnome is just the thing to add a rustic touch to festive trees. The simple, yet statement design is made of grey felt, a white fluffy beard and rustic twine to hang it perfectly on tree branches.

    Buy now: Grandpa Gnome, £2.95,

    4. Leave the door open for all

    Christmas gnomes doorstop

    Image credit: BAA Stool

    Invite the spirit of xmas into every room, quite literally by choosing a Christmas gonk doorstep to keep the door ajar. This superb handmade little Gonk is channelling ‘Gandalf the Great’ vibes… and we like it! This very bearded creation is utterly charming, to sport a more traditional take on this festive decoration. There’s even a little bell to add to the charm.

    5. Fill the hallway with friendly Gonks

    Christmas hallway

    Image credit: Dunelm

    These more traditional knitted red, white and blue Scandi-style Gonks are ideal to introduce this classic gnome into your home. Perfect for a whimsical winter wonderland decorating theme.

    Collect a few to create a curated display with other festive decorations, such as garlands and paper pom poms. Hallways are a great place for this simple idea, to welcome visitors with a cluster of friendly face.

    6. Dress the mantel

    Christmas mantelpiece

    Image credit: Dunelm

    Christmas mantel decorating ideas play a key role in cementing the festive theme for any living room. A nod to embracing the Gonk trend is to feature a few of the jolly characters along the mantel, to add cheer and colour. In this case the designs are reminiscent of a Russian doll, with gnomes ascending in size, to add an element of height interest to the display.

    When styling the fireplace it is generally best to work in odd numbers and add ornaments at various heights to give depth to the curated collection of seasonal decorations.

    7. Create ambience with candle holders

    Christmas Gonk tealight holders

    Image credit: Beautiful Gifts and Things

    Create a captivating corner with a cluster of festive tea light decorations. Give the stars of the show their own corner of a room to shine bright with these delightful Gonk votives. From dressing the mantel to the Christmas dining table a festive candle display goes a log way to add a touch of ambience.

    8. Top the tree with an on-trend gnome

    Christmas gonk tree topper

    Image credit: Dunelm

    It’s no longer about the fairy, the tree topper for this year is the on-trend Gonk. What better way to finish a traditionally dressed tree than with this Folklore favourite.

    Buy now: Gnome Tree Topper, £6, Dunelm

    9. Invite Gonks to sit beside the tree

    Pink and grey Christmas gonks on the sofa

    Image credit Poundland

    Place a colourful character beside the tree, to tie in the colour scheme and extend the Christmas decorating outwards from the main point of focus – the Christmas tree.

    These charming designs are stylish with colour coordinated outfits, with wobbly legs – perfect for positioning on the sofa or over the mantel, somewhere key beside a beautifully decorated tree.

    10. Hang a gonk-garland

    Christmas gonk decorations

    Image credit: Dunelm

    Elevate the status of Christmas gonks by hanging a decorative garland to capture the attention of all who visit. A decorative garland is an easy way to extending your scheme, making a simple Christmas wall decor idea.

    11. Set a festive scene for bedrooms

    pink and white bedroom with Christmas decorations

    Image credit: Dunelm

    Include bedrooms into the festive spirit with simple decorative touches. Light up trees add ambience, paper decorations can add colour and interest while a friendly gonk can be good company. Ideal for kids bedrooms to make the tradition of protector feel more real.

    This fabulous pink sequin Gonk is looking for a glam home! The sparkly knitted designs are just the things to welcome this traditional folklore character into the modern home.

    Buy now: Pink Sequin Gnome, £10, Dunelm

    What are Christmas Gonks?

    Christmas gonks are not a new thing, in fact they go back yonks. And it turns out there’s more to these bearded little Santa doppelgangers than mere decoration. The festive little characters originated in Scandinavian folklore where they are believed to protect farms and homes from catastrophes and misfortune.

    Many Scandinavian children in fact still leave out food for the Gonks on Christmas Eve, much like the tradition of a mince pie and a glass of milk for Santa.The difference being the Gonk’s snack of choice is a bowl of porridge and butter, as this is said to make the creatures happy and ensure good luck in the new year.

    Get your Gonk before they’re gone this year.

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