Dining room wallpaper ideas – beautiful ways to decorate your entertaining space

Add a splash of colour and pattern to your entertaining space with these imaginative dining room wallpaper ideas for instant wow-factor
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  • Imaginative dining room wallpaper ideas can captivate a space, giving it a touch of personality to create a focal talking point.

    A dining room is a great place to experiment with wallpaper ideas, especially if you are lucky enough to have a separate room in which to create the perfect ambience for entertaining.

    From feature walls to wallpapering all four walls, a little or a lot of wallpaper can go a long way to bringing your dining room decorating scheme to life. Create a scheme you love to elevate dinner parties and make more of family mealtimes.

    Dining room wallpaper ideas

    Patterned wallpaper can totally transform any dining room idea with ease. With the right preparation and research, using colour and pattern is a rewarding way to make the most of any interior space. Better still, you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve a fresh and exciting new look.

    Our ideas are the perfect guide to bringing a little (or a lot) of wow to your walls… so go on, what are you waiting for?

    1. Wallpaper inside panels to add interest

    white and blue dining room with wallpapered panels and a wooden dining table

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Dominic Blackmore

    Make even more of a feature wallpaper by using panels to frame the design, as shown in the wall panelling idea above. Wallpaper inside a wall panel to create pops of pattern to break up a plain colour scheme, creating a feature wall with added wow factor.

    Use existing wall panels or create your own DIY panels by framing single drops of wallpaper with simple beading, available at all good DIY retailers.

    This creative budget dining room idea also helps to keep costs low as you will only need a few drops of the wallpaper design.

    2. Coordinate colour throughout

    A green dining room with wallpaper and patterned blinds

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore

    Using a patterned wallpaper doesn’t mean the look has to be statement or overpowering, as this fine example proves. In fact this dining room wallpaper idea merely adds depth to the wall colour, thanks to a subtle geometric pattern.

    Using the same colour  throughout, in this case a soothing shade of spearmint green, helps to unify the scheme. Thanks to the cohesive use of tonal colour the wallpaper doesn’t jump out, it merely enhances the dining room colour scheme by bringing the walls to life – preventing the colour scheme from feeling flat.

    3. Keep it simple

    A dining room with a single wall shelf, a grey wall and a wooden table

    Image credit: Habitat

    To keep a dining space serene and effortlessly styled choose an abstract wallpaper design, one that adds tonal interest without being an obvious patterned paper. Using an abstract wallpaper idea in this way saves you having to recreate the effect yourself with paint – ideal if DIY is not your thing.

    This look is best suited to a more neutral colour scheme, where less is more. Natural materials through the wooden dining table and rustic woven dining room lighting idea goes a long way to enhance the overall look of pared-back, effortless beauty.

    4. Layer pattern to make a style statement

    A mid century dining space with bench seating, patterned wallpaper and cushions

    Image credit: David Brittain

    Enliven even the tiniest of dining areas with layers of pattern to make the space feel inviting and well designed. Choose a dominating pattern to dress the walls via the wallpaper design, then choose soft furnishings to coordinate in colour but clash in pattern.

    This layered look is ideal if you’re looking to create a retro Mid-century look, where pattern is welcomed in all forms.

    Keep furniture choices simple and unfussy to let the use of pattern and colour be the main attraction. This bespoke seating solution, with hidden storage, is perfect as a small dining room idea to make the limited area more functional.

    5. Scale-up the pattern for maximum impact

    A purple dining room with a floral wall mural

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Dominic Blackmore

    If you’re considering dining room wallpaper ideas that scream ‘look at me!’ go for a captivating wall mural – one that takes over an entire wall.

    Follow the maximalist trend and go for more with your chosen wallpaper design – be unapologetic with pattern. This large scale approach to adding pattern helps to create a statement feature wall idea, ideal for a dining room space to add personality and create a focal talking point.

    This dark, brooding floral wall mural adds a show-stopping hit of pattern without distracting from the ambient colour scheme.

    6. Invite nature indoors with leaf print wallpapers

    A bright dining room with green botanical print wallpaper

    Jasmine & Serin Symphony wallpaper, £124 per roll, Cole & Son

    Surround yourself with nature while enjoying mealtimes at all times of the year. Invigorate a dining space, especially one which overlooks a garden, with a leafy wallpaper print in lush greens to blur the lines of indoor and out.

    The trend for inviting nature into our homes is going from strength to strength, as we look to create a grounding decor that makes us feel calm and happy – qualities we associate with being out in nature.

    A green colour scheme is so versatile, ideal mixed with contrasting white accessories or enhanced by natural materials such as wood and clay. Dress the dining table with real foliage to accentuate the natural look of this dining room wall decor.

    7. Balance a room by wallpapering in alcoves

    A dining room with retro wallpaper in an alcove next to a fireplace and wall clock

    Image credit: Future PLC/ David Giles

    Wallpapering an entire dining room with a highly patterned paper can be overwhelming, so try decorating a panel of wall for a quieter but equally eye-catching effect.

    Wallpaper either side of the fireplace to frame the original feature, using an imaginative alcove idea to balance the use of pattern and colour.

    Continue the colours of the wallpaper around the room and onto the table setting, chair covers and window dressing for a co-ordinated look.

    8. Create an illusion with Trompe L’Oeil

    A country dining room with wood panel-effect wallpaper, pendant lights and flowers on a table

    Image credit: Dan Duchars

    Gone are the days when buying wallpaper means choosing between either stripes or floral patterns. ‘Illusion’ wallpaper can now be used to make a real statement, and you can find a design as individual as you are.

    With new printing techniques, a wide range of Trompe L’Oeil wallpapers can now be easily found online and at popular DIY stores. And it’s easy to create a bold look or add a special focal point to your scheme. This wallpaper gives the impression of real wood panels for a cosy, country cottage appearance.

    9. Welcome a feature wall

    A light grey dining room with log pile print wallpaper, a dark wooden table and white chairs

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Chris Snook

    Make a feature wall of the far side wall of your dining area by using a statement design that adds a decorative touch to the overall decor.

    If you want to add a simple touch of country to your scheme choose a faux log pile wallpaper print. If your living space is more contemporary, choose a more abstract pattern to inject colour.

    Whichever style you opt for be sure to use the striking wallpaper sparingly on one feature wall to avoid dominating the rest of the room. This is particularly important if your dining area is part of a wider open-plan kitchen.

    10. Pretty up with blowsy florals

    A white dining room with floral wallpaper, a french dresser and a wooden table

    Bring the outside in with a breath of fresh air to your walls. This white dining room idea is given summery charm with a delightful repeat of meadow flowers on one wall.

    Pretty yellows, dusky pinks and sky blues add subtle colour to the pure white scheme for an uplifting finish. The accent colours are picked out with matching cushions and crockery to avoid a jarring contrast in colour.

    11. Captivate with a bold theme

    Dining room with blue patterned wallpaper on all walls with wooden furniture and woven light shade

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    A dining room is a great place to experiment and can provide a real talking point when entertaining guests. If you’re looking for a quirky and unique dining room look, why not think outside the box and go for a theme that you love.

    Choosing a print that reflects your interests will add a personal touch to your space and can bring a new lease of life to a more neutral dining room.

    When using a bold wallpaper on all four walls we’d recommend pairing with stripped-back wooden furniture and furnishings, to avoid it feeling too fussy and chaotic. Let touches of natural materials provide the perfect calming backdrop against your preferred pattern of choice.

    12. Cheat a paint effect with wallpaper

    A wooden dining table with mix and match chairs next to a watercolour effect wall

    Image credit: Oliver Gordon

    Dining room wallpaper ideas needn’t be overly obvious, as this stylish example proves. Look for a subtle design that can add interest without distracting from the wider room decor. A graduated ombre design of washed-out grey welcomes just a hint of colour and pattern without overwhelming the decor.

    Ombre paint effects have become hugely popular in recent years, and while there are many handy tutorials to watch to master the art of painting a wall in the same style – it’s still a big DIY and decorating job to undertake. Save yourself the time and effort by cheating the look with a modern wallpaper design.

    13. Add a classic stripe

    A dining room with grey and white striped wallpaper, a blue feature wall and a wooden dining table

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Give your scheme a tailored yet feminine look with smart stripes. Vertical lines can increase the feeling of height in small areas and by choosing a gentle colourway, as shown in this grey dining room, you will create a calming yet orderly atmosphere.

    14. Introduce industrial chic with brick-effect

    A dining room with white brick effect wallpaper and red accents in soft furnishings and accessories

    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    Get the look of a city warehouse or urban loft with a faux brick wallpaper. Great for adding texture and a rustic appeal, it works here when covering all the wall and is complemented by industrial-style metal and wood furniture. Pretty, country-style linens and accessories help to soften the overall look.

    Once you’ve decided on your dining room wallpaper style, make sure you don’t ruin the design with clutter! Look for stylish dining room storage ideas which will help to enhance the scheme, rather than hamper it.

    15. Paper with impactful pattern

    A blue and white dining room with bold floral wallpaper, a blue rug and blue chairs

    Image credit: Jake Curtis

    If you’re using a boldly patterned wallpaper on one wall, keep the rest of the scheme simple by using just two or three colours that complement the pattern. Paint the rest of the walls stark white so the pattern stands out, and opt for pared-down dining furniture that blends into the dining room scheme.

    What looks good on a dining room wall?

    Aside from colour, the next best way to add interest to your dining room walls is to welcome wallpaper. A dining room wallpaper is a great way to create a captivating decorating scheme. It is sure to elevate dining at home – from hosting fancy dinner parties to everyday family mealtimes.

    Work with a tonal colour palette throughout to get the best look for the entertaining  space.

    If your wallpaper of choice is bold, why not create a focal feature wall to avoid overpowering the room – you want to create a talking point, not shout over everyone with an overwhelming decorating scheme!

    If the wallpaper design is less about adding pattern and more about adding interest and colour, such as an ombre-effect or a soft geometric repeat, you can afford to paper all four walls to make the room feel inviting and uniformed.

    How do you pick a dining room wallpaper?

    The key to picking a wallpaper for a dining room is finding a look that is right for the space. If your dining room is off  the kitchen you might choose to contrast with pattern. While if it’s positioned off a living room you should choose a plainer design. Pick a paper you love that will prove timeless to avoid having to decorating every few years.

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