Clever designs for alcoves – making the most of awkward recesses

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Whether it's a living room corner, a kitchen recess or even a tricky nook in a bathroom, these clever designs for alcoves will maximise your available living space

You may not have thought too much about them when you moved in. Then grown frustrated as you tried to arrange furniture around them. But the time has come to embrace your alcoves!

Alcoves are usually associated with period properties, where they are created by a chimney breast jutting out in the centre of a room. Typically, these double recesses either side of the fireplace are reclaimed as storage space in living rooms and bedrooms, with built-in shelving being a popular way to utilise the space.

But this isn’t the only way to use the nooks created by an alcove. Nor is it the only type of alcove you’ll find in a property. Under-stair areas, awkward corners in loft-extensions and odd spaces created by renovations and extensions can also create alcoves. But, rather than ignore them or hide them, you can make these tricky structural recesses work in your favour.

Read on, and you’ll discover some exciting opportunities to be smarter with space. From much-needed storage, to cool decorative features and even functional family areas, we have all sorts of clever ideas for alcoves that you’ll love.

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