Are you ‘cool’ enough? Top modern parenting pressures revealed

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  • Having perfectly filtered Instagram pictures, well-travelled children and being seen as a ‘cool’ mum or dad are just some of the modern pressures parents now face

    A study of 2,000 parents examining their top worries found limiting the kids’ gadget and technology time, ensuring they do extra curricular activities and getting enough days out as a family are common concerns.

    The research, which was commissioned by Thomson Cruises, revealed that parents feel the pressure to give their kids a variety of exciting experiences, with cultural trips and visits to art galleries and museums sitting in pole positions on the list.

    While the pressure parents feel to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ is increasing – the average parent worries at least 20 times per month (an astonishing 260 times per year) over whether they’re doing a good job.

    When it comes to parenting, 65 per cent of parents describe themselves as competitive, with a fifth revealing that they regularly compare their family achievements with other parents.

    An astounding 51 per cent admitted that chatter at the school gates can bring out their competitive side, proving playground politics aren’t just for kids.

    ‘It’s interesting to see the variety of pressures that modern day parents feel, not just providing for their kids, but also how they are perceived by other parents and the impact that has on them.

    ‘With a generation of adults that have fully embraced the digital age, it’s clear that the priority is shifting to ensure their children have a healthier balance between gadgets and new experiences that will contribute to their development,’ says Psychologist Emma Kenny, who worked with Thomson Cruises on the research.

    Are you guilty of trying to keep up with the Joneses’?

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