8 inventive ways to become a storage star

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  • There are plenty of ways to use clever storage to keep your clutter in check

    No one likes living in clutter; knee-deep in old newspapers, books piled high to the ceiling or with kids’ toys scattered across the floor.

    The obvious solution is storage – and lots of it, whether that’s shelves, boxes, cupboards or crates to keep everything in order and your space clear. But none of it needs to be boring. If you want something that’s more than just functional, there are plenty of ways to get creative with storage and make a feature of it in your home.

    Make it a crate

    For out-and-out versatility, opt for a set of crates. They can be stacked horizontally, in an artistic bundle or mounted on the wall. You can even use them singly, whether it’s for storing shoes and scarves in the hallway, books in the living room or as a stylish bedside table.

    Take a trolley

    A trolley is a handy way of keeping everyday items to hand and is especially useful for spaces that are multi-purpose as it can be wheeled around. It’s also terrific to use for serving drinks and food at parties. It may have been a staple of the fifties housewife, but this industrial-style version brings it bang up to date.

    Space age

    Even the narrowest of spaces can be utilised with the right type of shelving and drawers. It’s particularly important in the hallway where it’s easy to build up a mess of discarded shoes, boots and umbrellas. Give them a place of their own to make a good first impression.

    In great shape

    Don’t just stick to rectangles! Pick a box shelf in an usual shape, such as these honeycomb boxes, to add interest. They can be fixed on the wall or just placed on a surface.

    Inject some colour

    Storage is an ideal way to add a pop of colour to a neutral scheme, whether it’s a contrasting shade or a bright burst as a feature, like these different sized suitcases. Get handy with a brush and paint to create something special.

    Bring in some texture

    Using metals, such as copper, wire, iron or brass, is a great way to add texture to a scheme. Pick a unique item and it also becomes a talking point.

    Let it all hang

    A rail and hook system is a simple way to lift items off a surface. Hang cups and mugs in the kitchen, pots of pens in an office or sewing items in a craft room. Pick a style of storage you like and gather items in clusters for neatness.

    Go vintage

    Scour car-boot sales and second-hand shops for old furniture that can be repurposed as storage. Add a lick of paint or varnish to give it a new lease of life as a place to stash your stuff.

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