7 ways to think pink this spring

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  • If spring isn’t the time to be pretty in pink, then when is? Throw your traditional ideas away, and start afresh with countless different looks for different tastes, all centring around the dreamy, glamorous and versatile colour that is pink.

    1. Be bold with hot pinks

    Nothing adds a splash of colour quite like hot pink. This trendy armchair is sure to add style-points to any hallway. When contrasted against cold metallics, pink sheds its ‘girly’ reputation, bringing edge and comfort to a contemporary pad.

    2. Keep it cool with ice-cream shades

    But, for those with an undying love of pink and a craving for colour, pastel shades mix perfectly together without clashing loudly. This mouth-watering bedroom treats pastel pink as the new white, combining subtle shades and artistic gradients for a dreamy candyfloss look.

    3. Or mix and match!

    If neither of the above tickle your fancy, then throw the rulebook out the window and mix and match as many pinks as you like! Multiple shades of the same colour add depth to a room, keeping consistency while maintaining their bright statement.

    4. Go for sweet subtlety

    If you’re a fan of pink, but not keen on the idea of splashing it all over your walls, then bold accessories are for you.
    Understandably, pink isn’t to everyone’s home interior taste (white walls and industrial greys are hard to beat after all!), but an injection of bubblegum can really brighten a room for the sweetest style subtlety.

    5. Feel glamorous with rose gold

    We’re all magpies at heart, mesmerised by anything and everything that shimmers. Glistening gold, pale pinks and dark wood are brought together in this rose gold haven of glamour, creating a luxurious living space fit for a queen. We’ll take a glass of champagne and settle in for the night, please.

    6. Don’t neglect your bathroom!

    Arguably the most practical room the house, it’s easy to let your bathroom-decorating slide in favour of an all-white look. But why not add a little colour? This pale pink bathtub, matched with delicate accessories will add a little spring to your morning step. The lightness of the pink maintains this bathroom’s clean, white look, while adding a sugary sweet edge.

    7. Play with pattern

    Once regarded as two colours too similar to share a stage, purple and pink are quite the eye-catching combo. This mesmerising bedroom mixes head spinning patterns with modern furniture, and cleverly clashing colours for a traditional look with a contemporary twist.

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