This viral £10 Amazon hack will make sure your curtains never get stuck again

Say hello to smoothly gliding curtains!

A living room with high ceilings and window covered by long blue curtains
(Image credit: Future PLC/Helen Cathcart)

If you have curtains in your home, then you’ve most unlikely encountered the problem of your curtains getting stuck on the curtain pole whenever you try to open or close the drapes. If you have, then just know you’re not alone as it’s a very common issue, especially for those who own an extendable pole. But there’s a solution to this problem - the Amazon curtain glide tape hack.

Going viral on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, this genius curtain idea is called the Ezyglide Tape and 3 metres of it sell for £9.45 at Amazon. A very fair price to pay to get rid of the headache of your curtain rigs getting snagged and caught on the pole while scratching it in the process too. 

And this easy DIY project couldn’t be more straightforward or more effective as the 1300 Amazon customers who left a five-star rating and review attest to. 

A living room with high ceilings and window covered by long blue curtains

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Amazon’s curtain glide tape hack

This is not the first time we (and the Internet) have become obsessed with a practical Amazon hack. Just take the Amazon castor wheels that attach to kitchen appliances. Or the Amazon touch-up paint pen to cover any scuffs that might appear on the walls.

We first came across the curtain glide tape hack on TikTok thanks to a video by @brookes_buys which has attracted over 300,000 views, writing in the caption, ‘This genius Amazon curtain glide tape helps any curtain or drapery glide smoothly across rods and extensions. It can even be used with drape rings and shower curtains.’


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Brooke also demonstrates how easy this invisible curtain glide tape is to use and apply to your curtain pole. The clear tape comes lined with a red backing tape which is removed once the end of the tape is attached to the top of the pole.

And perhaps the best part is that you don’t even need to remove your curtain pole or your curtains to do this.

‘We have several curtain poles and managed to obtain rings with plastic inner rims for all but one, which was horrible to use, dreadful metal on metal scraping noise and very hard to pull across. This stuff has completely transformed it, very easy to apply and now the curtains move silky smooth,’ wrote one reviewer.

While another customer said, ‘It's fantastic. It was easy to fit even without being able to take the curtains off (just feed it under the loops or rings in your curtains - recommend doing this before taking the sticky backing off) then stick to the top of the rod. The curtains now slide easily and smoothly. And the tape is narrow enough and transparent so you can't tell it's there without looking really really closely.’

Over 200 pieces sold in the last month and the number growing with each day, we think there’s something to this Amazon buy. We'll definitely be testing it out for ourselves.

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