Stacey Solomon's DIY enchanted cloud ceiling looks straight out of the Great Hall of Hogwarts

We solemnly swear that Stacey is up to no good at Pickle Cottage

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Stacey Solomon, queen of incredibly nifty DIYs has taken to Instagram to showcase her latest venture at Pickle Cottage – a Harry Potter-inspired table setup serving major magical vibes in every possible way.

Amidst all the clever references in Stacey's carefully curated tablescape, our favourite part has got to be the DIY cloud ceiling filled with floating candles that look straight out of the Great Hall of Hogwarts.

Stacey Solomon DIY cloud ceiling

The cloud ceiling is no less than the perfect way to celebrate the spooky season to the max (or if you're just a die-hard HP fan who wants to keep a magical element in their home all year round).

It's a trend that's been making the rounds on social media for a little bit now, with the TikTok hashtag #cloudceiling harbouring over 400 million combined views. Therefore, it's only fitting that the queen of DIY Stacey Solomon herself jumped on the train to really show us how it's done.

Stacey achieved the enchanted cloud ceiling look with the use of a polystyrene foam board which she covered with remote-controlled LED strip lights.

She stuck the strip lights sporadically on the foam board (if you're following along at home, yes, you can cut LED strip lights and arrange them accordingly) and hung the foam board from her ceiling using fishing wire and command hooks for that true 'floating' effect.

Then, attach your floating candles and 'clouds' – which could be anything from toy stuffing, cushion wadding, or cotton wool –and voila, you've got your very own enchanted cloud ceiling.

Get the look

Stacey then tops off the dining table decor with some more nods to the beloved Harry Potter franchise, including glueing golden wings to Ferrero Rochers to represent a Golden Snitch and recreating Harry's many Hogwarts acceptance letters.

If you ask us, the entire table is utter genius and we are so very obsessed!

Commenting on this not-so-easy DIY project, Stacey's caption reads, 'It was a labour of love, but soooo much fun to make. I love Harry Potter so much so when the big boys asked to do this I was VERY excited.'

Stacey even adds that she 'can't wait to Christmas this up too', meaning that we can expect a festive take on this enchanted cloud ceiling very soon.

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