5 rules First Dates Fred Sirieix follows for hosting the perfect garden party

Keep these tips in your back pocket to ensure you're hosting only the best gatherings all summer long

Fred Sirieix for B&Q's Gardener of the Year competition 2023
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TV personality, Fred Sirieix, shares his top tips for hosting the perfect garden party ahead of Coronation Weekend, and to keep in your back pocket all summer long.

With the Coronation fast approaching, and the onset of yet another Bank Holiday, there's no better time than right now to polish up on your garden party ideas. Providing we'll get some sunshine this weekend (fingers crossed), many Brits will be dusting off their BBQs and gathering outdoors to do some serious celebrating.

So, how exactly can you best prepare to bring those burning street party ideas to life?

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Fred Sirieix's 5 top tips for hosting the perfect garden party

Celebrity maître d' and gardening enthusiast, Fred Sirieix, joins the judging panel for B&Q's Gardener of the Year competition to find the UK's best amateur garden that shows heart, soul, and a passion for the outdoors.

We grilled him for his top tips on how to host the perfect garden party this summer.

Fred Sirieix for B&Q's Gardener of the Year competition 2023

(Image credit: Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images for B&Q)

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

This goes without saying, but we've got to admit that sometimes, we really need to hear it again.

'Make sure that you’ve prepared well in advance so that you’re not stressed on the actual hosting day, as that’s when to enjoy yourself,' says Fred.

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2. Create little entertaining areas

For any gathering or party held indoors, zoning is a great way to ensure all your guests stay occupied at all times. We know Fred has quite the affinity for bright-coloured seating, as seen with his mustard sofa – and the same goes for outdoors. 

'Little entertaining areas are great for garden parties – you can create small seating areas with umbrellas to be prepared for all weather,' says Fred, which is a helpful tip considering the reputation Britain's unpredictable weather holds.

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3. Hose your garden

Fred advises, 'Hose the garden and plants a few days in advance of the guests arriving so that no one gets muddy shoes and that the garden looks its best for the guests.'

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4. Bring out the BBQ

'A BBQ is the obvious party essential as it keeps everyone well-fed and hosting duties to a minimum.'

'I like to put something big on the BBQ which can slow cook for 2-3 hours as it looks impressive and falls off the bone.'

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5. Ensure comfortable garden seating

Fred says, 'Ensure guests are comfortable with garden seatinghanging egg chairs are the must-have this season and they also look great for party pictures!'

Gardens have quickly become a second living room for many. When it comes to traditional living rooms, we wouldn't skip on investing in pieces that are comfortable and worthwhile, therefore, shouldn't the same be said for our gardens?

Believe us when we say it definitely pays to browse only the best garden furniture options on the market, for your sake as well as your guests.

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Our pick of the best garden seating

'My parents used to always host garden parties, it’s something that I’ve grown up with so I love hosting my parties now for my friends in my garden,' says Fred – and we have to say we're pretty keen to try our hand at hosting more parties too.

Hosting might appear quite intimidating at first and requires quite a bit of time and effort, but follow these tips and you'll be on your way to creating a garden fit for hosting all summer long.

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Fred is part of the judging panel for the B&Q Gardener of the Year competition. Gardeners can enter their competition into four different categories, no matter your garden’s size or budget, to win £10,000. To enter your garden, visit diy.com/gardener-of-the-year and entries close Midday 23 June 2023.

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