IKEA's new outdoor table includes a clever feature to help add more plants to a small garden

Fancy a cascading plant display in your garden? Then you need this genius outdoor table

IKEA's new garden table with decorating rod
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Spring is well and truly on the horizon, which means our minds are firmly on our gardens – and, more importantly, transforming them into our own personal oases. 

How best to do this? Why, by filling them to the brim with plants and greenery, of course, but that's not exactly easy when you're working with a smaller space than most. Thank goodness, then, for IKEA's new outdoor table.

Guaranteed to elevate your small garden on a budget, the HELGEÖ outdoor table boasts a truly unique (and genius) feature: a built-in decorating rod you can stuff to the brim with hanging basket plants. 

IKEA's new outdoor table

And just like that, IKEA's new outdoor table just rocketed to the top of our pick of the best garden furniture launches so far this year – not least of all because it adds a stylish twist to all of those vertical garden ideas we've seen floating around Pinterest.

Because, sure, while you could use that built-in decorating rod for balloons of garden lighting (and undoubtedly will), there's no denying it's a brilliant way of filling your outdoor space with yet more greenery.

'Pairing the rustic charm of IKEA's new outdoor table with the elegant trails of English ivy or Creeping Jenny will transform any patio space in no time,' says Steven Bell, gardening enthusiast and the CEO of Paving Shopper

Steven Bell
Steven Bell

Steven Bell is the managing director of Paving Shopper, known for his expertise in gardening, landscaping and paving. He leads the company with a focus on quality and innovation, ensuring Paving Shopper remains a trusted source for diverse paving needs.'

You could also, Steven says, consider using IKEA's new outdoor table to display hanging baskets filled with petunias, fuchsias, or begonias. 

'These plants bloom profusely throughout the summer, providing a burst of colour that can enhance the visual appeal of your dining area,' he explains. 'And succulents, like String Of Pearls, offer an easy-care, drought-tolerant option for busy homeowners.' 

Finally, Steven points out that you could use the table's built-in decorating rod to leap aboard this year's big hanging basket GYO trend.

IKEA's new garden table with decorating rod

(Image credit: IKEA)

'The aroma of fresh herbs like rosemary or basil can elevate the outdoor dining experience, blending the pleasures of gardening with the joys of culinary exploration,' says Steven.

'And growing edible plants, such as strawberries or tomatoes, in hanging baskets around your dining area is a delightful way to engage with your garden. It's a farm-to-table experience that al fresco dinner guests will love!'

6 plants to display from IKEA's new outdoor table

Essentially, you'll need to do more than buy IKEA's new outdoor table if you want to stuff your garden full of plants: you'll need to carefully select the best flowers, evergreens and edimentals for your display, considering both aesthetic appeal and practicality. 

'Whether you're drawn to the lush foliage of cascading greenery, the vibrant colors of flowering plants, the unique textures of succulents, the aromatic allure of herbs, or the delight of edible options, there's a plant to suit every taste and need,' promises Steven.

So long as you're willing to put in the TLC, this genius piece of outdoor furniture really is the key to creating a hanging garden that enhances your outdoor dining experience, not to mention making every meal an occasion to remember.

On that note, then, we'll be sure to give you a wave if we spot you trawling IKEA's labyrinthian tunnels for the ASKHOLMEN / HELGEÖ – unless it's the last one, of course. Then it's every gardener for themselves, we're afraid...

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