The colour trend taking over our gardens for summer holiday vibes all year round

Terracotta hues and pots are set to be bringing Mediterranean vibes to our garden all summer along

wooden outdoor dining set at chelsea flower show
(Image credit: Future / Heather Young)

We’ve all probably added terracotta to our outdoor spaces at some point, normally in the form of terracotta plant pots. However, terracotta as a colour is emerging as the hottest new garden trend that we're seeing everywhere.

‘Terracotta is a shade we're going to be seeing a lot more of in the coming months,’ outlines Francesca Hadland, Styling Expert for Bridgman. ‘A blend of rusty oranges, browns and reds, this gorgeous colour injects a boldness and warmth to outdoor spaces that brings the air of Tuscan summers into English gardens.’ 

wooden outdoor dining set at chelsea flower show

(Image credit: Future / Heather Young)

Terracotta decor has already amassed over 100 million views on TikTok alone, while searches for terracotta homeware are up by 250% in the last month, according to Google Trends.

‘It’s unsurprising to see the trend resurface, as gardening enthusiasts look for accessories to compliment their natural aesthetic gardens. We are starting to see a shift from picture-perfect gardens, with minimal flowers and a grey decor theme throughout, instead we’re seeing more people gravitate towards a natural, home-grown, European-looking space,’ says Nick Drewe, Trend Expert at Wethrift.

So, if you feel like transporting your outdoor space to a warmer climate and dappling in some Mediterranean garden ideas, the experts have revealed their top tips for embracing terracotta in your garden, patio or balcony.

Why is terracotta trending?

Terracotta is the type of timeless shade that works well in a whole host of different spaces but this summer, terracotta was a main focus at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. From gardens which focused on the warm hue to appearing across the show more generally, it was definitely one of the stars of the show this year. And there are many different ways to get the look in our own gardens.

Terracotta outdoor patio

(Image credit: King Living)

How to incorporate terracotta into your outdoor space

1. Add terracotta tiles

Original Style Earthworks Terracotta Hexagon Tiles

(Image credit: Original Style)

'Terracotta is a well established colour and texture, perfect for gardens. A great way to incorporate it into your outside space is to create a small area of terracotta tiles on the floor and accessorise with black or white pots for contrast,' says interior designer Kelly Hoppen. 'The warm, earthy tones of terracotta tiles effortlessly blend with nature, creating a welcoming and Mediterranean-inspired ambiance.'

Choose a unique tile shape or design to really play up the holiday vibes in your own garden.

2. Embrace terracotta pots

Shelves with terracotta pots

(Image credit: Future / Heather Young)

Terracotta pots are a classic for a reason, and are a big driving force behind the emerging terracotta garden trend. 'Using terracotta plant pots in a variety of different sizes with herbs and plants can also look super chic and adds a touch of timeless elegance to your outdoor space,' says Kelly Hoppen. 

Longtoms is our new secret place to source beautiful secondhand terracotta pots. They featured in The Restorative Balcony at the Chelsea Flower Show designed by Christina Cobb. 'I love them becuase you can tell they've been used, they've been loved by someone else already and they have this beautiful texture,' she explains. 

3. Paint an ombre wall

Terracotta ombre wall

(Image credit: Future / Heather Young)

‘Painting walls or raised beds can be a creative way to make a bold statement and add decorative features to your garden,' according to Jacksons Fencing’s Retail Sales Manager, Leigh Barnes. 

Terracotta walls will instantly transport you to sunnier climes if you are looking for a way to add this trend to work with existing small courtyard garden ideas. We fell in love with the ombre terracotta wall at the Chelsea Flower Show which used different shades to incredible effect.

4. Fake a terracotta plaster effect

Terracotta sideboard in white show garden

(Image credit: Gardena)

Embracing this trend can involce a simple terracotta effect garden furniture upcycle idea that we spotted on a dresser at the Gardena Stand at Chelsea Flower Show. The dresser was painted by Lynne Lambourne using Annie Sloan paint

To get the same look in your own garden or outdoor space, first you’ll want to apply a base layer of Chalk Paint – Annie Sloan recommends her Scandinavian Pink shade for a pink hue terracotta. Once that has dried, using another hue – Paloma – over the top in random areas will add texture. ‘A mix of 50:50 Chalk Paint™ and water should be a good starting ratio but adjust as you go for more variation in opacity and character,’ she suggests.

‘Paint the mix on in small sections and whilst still wet use crumpled-up newspaper to rub some of the paint away and create texture. Allow to dry fully and give a final wash of Paloma all over to give that powdery, romantic, plaster effect.’

5. Pair it with natural materials

Hillarys terracotta outdoor patio decor

(Image credit: Hillarys)

Terracotta works especially well alongside natural materials. Think, ‘macramé, wicker accents or cork,’ confirms Annie. ‘Beachy materials that we might associate with a hot climate. White linens and cotton also look fantastic and summon pleasant thoughts of sunnier environs.’

6. Carry terracotta hues through the planting

Outdoor table with brick legs

(Image credit: Future / Heather Young)

‘To really elevate the trend, you can create a wildflower area in the garden, to invite wildlife and a mix of flowers into the space,’ affirms Nick. ‘Think orange, yellow and red plants to really bring the colour scheme together, paired with vibrant greens and deep hues of brown throughout your garden furniture.’

Lean into the Mediterranean and Tuscan aesthetics by choosing drought-tolerant perennials, as well as fragrant shrubs and herbs.

Which colours complement terracotta?

‘Whites are the obvious choice and will create a sort of glamorous, 60s vibe - especially if you use white walls with a terracotta-coloured floor,’ suggests Annie Sloan, Paint and colour expert. ‘This references glorious holiday villas in the South of France.’

Bright blue is another ‘winner’ according to Annie. ‘The contrast between cool blue pigment and warm terracotta immediately adds interest. A proper Yves Klein Blue immediately makes a chic, cool statement - think of Marrakesh and the Yves Saint Laurent Majorelle Garden - it shows how well the two colours work together.’

Grey, on the other hand, is a shade that Annie would use more sparingly. A blue-grey gives you some great contrast but too much grey can detract from the warmth of the terracotta.

‘If you can't find the exact shade you're looking for, combine red and orange accents to build up a colour palette that evokes this joyful colour in new and creative ways,’ says Francesca.

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